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Wildlife Removal Services in Johnson City

Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Wildlife Removal in Tri-Cities

Johnson City, Tennessee, is known for outdoor activities. Every season of the year offers new adventures for locals and visitors. We have steep mountains, rolling hills, valleys, and ridges, all of which provide food, water, and shelter for local wildlife.

However, the more we develop Washington County, the more the local wildlife are forced into our neighborhoods. Today you can expect to encounter rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, bats, and squirrels, lots of squirrels, daily.

While fun to watch, they can quickly become nuisance wildlife or animals that cause damage to your home or property. According to Tennessee law, property owners are responsible for the removal of nuisance wildlife and damage repairs.

The state also recommends hiring an animal control operator since removing wildlife can sometimes be a dangerous task. At Critter Control, we have the knowledge and experience to safely and humanely eliminate nuisance wildlife. Below are some examples of how we solve animal problems using our three-step process of inspection, removal, and repairs.

Raccoon Removal in Johnson City

The masks worn by raccoons cannot cover their bad habits, like overturning trash cans, raiding dumpsters, and building a nest in your attic. Their size and nimble hands allow them to break into your property. Raccoons are filthy and leave behind greasy smudges. They break vents, ductwork, spouting, shingles, and more. They dig up sod searching for insects, attack backyard chickens, steal bird eggs, and help themselves to pet food. If it’s edible, a raccoon will probably try it.

Raccoons like to poop in one spot. If this spot is in your attic, you will smell it. Don’t touch it, though. Their feces is toxic and can grow molds that are harmful to inhale. Let our experts do the dirty work rather than try to get rid of a raccoon by yourself.

Inspection: We identify all areas in which raccoons are active on your property, inside and out. We locate food sources, find nests and assess damages.

Removal: Raccoons in Tennessee cannot be relocated after we remove them with a safe and humane CritterSafe trap. But we can implement exclusion methods to prevent them from returning.

Repair: Common raccoon damages we see in Johnson City include broken vents that lead to the attic, destruction of garden crops, holes in the ground, and broken boards under decks and porches. We fix all damages like this, plus seal every access point into your home. We help you properly store garbage, pet food and any other food resources. We can install climbing barriers on trees and your roof if necessary.

Rat and Mice Pest Control in Johnson City

We have an abundance of rodents in our area. Examples are Harvest mice, various deer mice, roof rats, cotton rats, and hairy-tailed moles. It’s the brown rat and the house mouse that become the biggest nuisance wildlife in Johnson City.

Rodents are sneaky, clever, and can squeeze through tiny holes, ones you may not even know exist. Once in your home, they spend their time chewing, gnawing, scratching, and scavenging. They break into your pantry and ruin groceries. They run across your counters and leave feces and urine everywhere they roam.

They carry diseases, making it risky for you to get rid of rats and mice on your own. Critter Control deals with rodent nuisances often. Here’s what we do.

Inspection: We locate every hole in your home used as an entrance by rats and mice. We find their nests and assess damages that may need replacing or repaired.

Removal: Rats and mice are trapped humanely and safely by our pros. Once removed, we start working on repairs and exclusion.

Repairs: We often fix damaged wiring, chewed wood, ripped insulation, and scratches on drywall. We make sure rodents haven’t clogged vents, pipes, or ductwork with materials, creating a fire hazard. To exclude rodents, we seal all holes, large and small. We help you properly store food items inside and outside your home. Our goal is to make your home unattractive to rodents.

Squirrel Removal in Johnson City

Johnson City is home to the Eastern gray, American red, fox, Northern, and Southern flying squirrels. Squirrels are becoming a big nuisance as more and more adapt to the urban lifestyle. They hang out everywhere, from ETSU to all our local parks. Some prefer staying at home, your home.

Squirrels can travel anywhere on your property, causing damages along the way. They make electrical wires sag, break roof shingles, eat crops out of your garden, and create nests in your attic if it is open and has a vacancy.

Squirrels are tiny collectors. They gather nuts, fruit, leaves, bark, twigs, bird eggs, and anything else they want to hoard in your attic. Professionals must remove them since they also carry diseases. We can get rid of squirrels in your home so you can go back to watching them on the outside.

Inspection: Squirrels leave behind signs that lead us directly to their hangouts. They have unique paw prints our experts can identify. We also know where they like to build nests and where they are getting food and water.

Removal: We follow the local and state guidelines when removing squirrels. If necessary, we use our CritterSafe trap, but our primary focus is on exclusion methods to prevent future squirrel activity.

Repair: We make repairs to replace torn drywall and insulation, clean feces and urine, and repair broken screens on vents. We can also fix chewed wires, fence gardens, and seal off every point of entry a squirrel uses to get into your home. We trim trees to make travel more difficult and can install tree and roof barriers to prevent climbing. One of the most common fixes is removing bird feeders.

Bat Removal in Johnson City

Out of 15 or more types of bats in the area, the little brown bat is the most common. It’s the one most likely to succeed at roosting in your attic, barn, or other building. Bats will choose your property as a place to live if they find a constant source of food and water. By food, we mean insects. Bats can eat thousands of insects daily.

Bats eating insects is not a problem. It’s the guano they leave behind that’s a problem. Bat guano smells terrible and is very toxic. It is heavy, and it could break the board if it piles up on a weak board. It contains acid that causes erosion. The fungus Histoplasma grows in guano which can lead to the respiratory infection Histoplasmosis.

Bats are rarely seen but colonies can make a lot of noise. It's best not to try to get rid of bats by yourself for several reasons. One, bats will bite if they feel threatened. Two, bats carry diseases like rabies and can transmit them to you through a bite. And three, bats are covered in their poop. If you touch a bat, you are handling their poop.

Our experts have the equipment to handle any bat problem.

Inspection: Searching for bats is relatively easy since they have specific roosting preferences. Also, their feces and urine leave a strong odor. Inspections focus more on identifying entry points and damages to your property.

Removal: If a bat refuses to leave on its own, we have safe and humane methods that meet state and local regulations. We never remove a bat during the maternity season, which is usually from May to August. Bats are one of the most protected wildlife today due to diseases that are reducing their population.

Repair: Cleaning bat guano and urine and the stains they leave behind is part of our repair process. We use exclusion methods to prevent bats from returning, like sealing all entry points to your attic or other structures. We also help you eliminate food and water sources that attract insects.

Opossum Removal in Johnson City

Opossums are common in Johnson City. They are nocturnal, but it’s easy to see what they did the night before during the day. With 50 teeth and a tail that can carry items, the opossum can wreak havoc on your home if it manages to get inside.

Some people find them cute, like when they fake being dead to escape harm. But those who have had one spend a few days in their home think they are anything but cute. They can chew wires, scratch walls, and leave feces in piles.

It’s essential to get rid of an opossum living in your home before they give birth to nine or more babies, the average litter. We have a lot of experience with removing opossums.

Inspection: We find entry points and assess damages.

Removal: We use our safe and humane traps to remove the animal. We also remove nesting materials and babies when necessary.

Repair: Because opossums don’t tend to stay in one place for long, our primary focus is on exclusion and preventing them from returning. Sealing access points is critical.

Why Choose Critter Control

The Critter Control experts are:

  • Extensively trained on wildlife and their habits
  • Licensed and insured
  • Prompt and professional
  • Familiar with all local and state laws regarding the removal of nuisance wildlife

Hiring animal control professionals gives you:

  • Safety from diseased animals and their feces
  • Confidence that removal and repairs are done right
  • Freedom from worry that nuisance wildlife will return

Widlife County with Highest Number of Nuisance Reports

  • Raccoons - Knox County: 623
  • Squirrels - Sevier County: 379
  • Bats - Hamilton County: 317
  • Birds - Blount County: 496
  • Rodents - Fentress County: 150
  • Opossums - Bradley County: 39
  • Armadillos - Dickson County: 29

Q&A with Critter Control of East Tennessee 

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area? 

  • East Tennessee residents commonly face issues related to bats, raccoons, and squirrels in the attics of their homes, often causing damage to the homes and structures. Snakes, skunks, mice, and rats can also be a nuisance to homeowners in the area. Squirrels, rats, and mice often cause major damage once in a home including gnawing on wiring and damaging appliances. 

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area? 

  • Colder temperatures in the region will drive wildlife indoors to seek shelter. Attics are common for wildlife to enter the home and create a dwelling. Above-average rainfall can affect wildlife activity in East Tennessee. 

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity? 

  • Nuisance wildlife common to the East Tennessee region are opossums, skunks, rats, moles, and chipmunks. Some of the most common signs that a homeowner will notice are tracks in the yard, animals on the roof, noises, and tunnels in the yard. 

Any prevention tips for residents in your area? 

Some helpful tips for homeowners to keep their home secure from wildlife intrusion: 

  • Check gutters, and make sure they are free of leaves and debris. 
  • All ground vents and gable vents should be sealed and checked regularly. 
  • Holes and cracks in the foundation of the home should be addressed immediately.  

When should homeowners call Critter Control? 

Call our professional consultant if you have any of the following: 

  • Noises in the attics or walls of the home 
  • Offensive odor 
  • Tracks in the yard 
  • Visible tunneling 
  • Animals on top of the roof 
  • ​Animal Feces/Droppings 

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