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Serving the Omaha & Council Bluffs Areas

Wild Animal Removal

Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Animal Infestation Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Damage Repairs

Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

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Wildlife Removal Q&A with Critter Control of Omaha 

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area? 

Raccoons, woodchucks, opossums, bats, moles, mice, and birds. 

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity? 

Look/listen for the following clues; Chewing, scratching, squeaking, chirping, mounds of dirt in the yard, and holes in the siding, soffit, or roof. Also, keep an eye out for footprints and animal feces. 

When should homeowners call Critter Control? 

Homeowners should call at the first sign of any of the common signs above. 

WIldlife Problems in Omaha, NE 

A climate with extreme hot and cold temperatures makes Omaha, NE, susceptible to storms, tornadoes, and other severe weather throughout the year. Such conditions often drive wildlife like raccoons, bats, and squirrels indoors. Once inside, the pests create issues for residents. 

Bat Removal 

While most bat species prefer to roost outdoors, they are known to roost in Omaha homes. One of the first signs of a bat problem is feces, which can cause odors, stains, and dangerous mold growth. If inhaled, the tiny spores of mold can cause serious illness. 

Raccoon Removal 

In Omaha neighborhoods, raccoons make their dens in attics and crawl spaces. The pests frequently move indoors by tearing apart roofing, soffits, and vents or taking advantage of gaps in foundations. Raccoons will act aggressively if cornered or threatened. 

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are excellent climbers, which gives them easy access to roofs. They’re also capable of enlarging a hole to climb through by chewing. Squirrels can cause significant damage to homes in the form of shredded insulation and electrical wiring, which can cause house fires. 

If you suspect you have a wildlife intrusion on your residential or commercial property, contact our professionals at Critter Control of Omaha today!  

Critter Control of Omaha  

Critter Control provides premium wildlife control services in Omaha, Nebraska. We're dedicated to the safe and humane removal of all nuisance animals from residential and commercial property in the Omaha community. Our licensed specialists are highly trained in the most advanced techniques in the industry, including the removal of squirrels, bats, raccoons, and more. We also specialize in animal exclusion and damage repair. 

With more than 30 years of experience in handling wild animals, we understand the urgency and danger that wild animals pose to the residents and businesses of Omaha. Our first priority is to protect our customers. If you have a wildlife problem in the Des Moines area, contact our experts at Critter Control as soon as possible.   

Serving the following locations in Nebraska:

By County:Cass, Douglas, Fremont, Mills, Pottawattamie, Sarpy, Saunders and Washington Counties

  • Anderson, IA
  • Bartlett, IA
  • Bellevue, NE
  • ​Bennington, NE
  • Blair, NE
  • Cedar Creek, NE
  • Chautaqua, IA
  • Council Bluffs, IA
  • Crescent, IA
  • Cullom, NE
  • Glenwood, IA
  • Honey Creek, IA
  • Kennard, NE
  • Malvern, IA
  • Mineola, IA
  • Murdock, NE
  • Murray, NE
  • Omaha, NE
  • Pacific Junction, IA
  • Papillion, NE
  • Plattsmouth, NE
  • Ralston, NE
  • Silver City, IA
  • Tabor, IA
  • Thurman, IA
  • Washington, NE
  • Weeping Water, NE
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