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Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Wildlife Removal

Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Wildlife Pest Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Animal Damage Repairs

Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

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Wildlife Problems in Omaha, NE 

Omaha, Nebraska, is in the heart of the great plains. This area contains large populations of squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, bats, and opossums. These pests can cause extensive structural damage, wreak havoc in garbage areas, and spread diseases. 

A climate with extreme hot and cold temperatures makes Omaha, NE, susceptible to storms, tornadoes, and other severe weather throughout the year. Such conditions often drive wildlife like raccoons, bats, and squirrels indoors. Once inside, the pests create issues for residents. 

Bat Removal 

Although bats contribute to the ecosystem, they can also become a nuisance to your Omaha home or business. Bat colonies are noisy and can create unpleasant odors or droppings. Although bats are generally timid, they can become aggressive when threatened. Bats also carry diseases.

Inspection: Our wildlife specialists search the premises for signs of bat invasion, such as small openings, strong ammonia scent, guano, or rub marks.

Removal: The most effective method for removing bats from your home is using a bat valve combined with an exclusion. The bats fly out, but they can’t get back in.

Repairs: Although bats can make small holes, they typically do not cause massive damage. Restoration typically includes cleanup and disinfection.

Raccoon Removal 

Raccoons are notorious for invading crawl spaces and attics to make their dens. With powerful jaws, legs, and hands, they can rip through roofing material such as vents and soffits or dig holes around the base of the house. Raccoons are highly aggressive, so it is best to leave removal to the professionals.

Inspection: Although raccoons are nocturnal, they also leave big messes to be found during the day. We inspect your house to find large openings in the roof and attic where they can get through. We also look for raccoon droppings and dens.

Removal: The most effective way to remove raccoons is to isolate and trap them. Once we trap the raccoon, we relocate them to their natural habitat.

Repairs: Raccoons can do extensive damage to your house. Our team is prepared to restore your walls, roofing, and crawl space. We also perform a full cleanup that includes disinfecting the area.

Rat and Mice Pest Control

Rats and mice are more than irritating pests. They carry various diseases and cause extensive property damage in just about any area in your home or business. Worst of all, these rodents can multiply quickly. You may have a large population in your house before you discover there’s a problem.

Inspection: We identify all traces of rat and mouse infestation, including rodent droppings, gnaw marks, odors, and nests. We also look for holes in the walls and flooring.

Removal: We use different types of traps and bait to lure and exclude the mice in the affected areas. We then remove all animals from the property.

Repairs: Repairs can range from cleanup and disinfection to structural repairs. Most repairs are easy since rodents make smaller holes and gnaw marks.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are excellent climbers, which gives them easy access to roofs. They’re also capable of enlarging a hole to climb through by chewing. Squirrels can cause significant damage to homes in the form of shredded insulation and electrical wiring, which can cause house fires. 

Squirrels have powerful legs, razor-like teeth, and sharp toenails, which give them easy access to food. They can cause enormous damage to your house by chewing through roof decking or peeling back your roof shingles. They also drop debris from trees. Furthermore, squirrels can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, which you can contract without contacting the squirrel.

Inspection: Our team inspects your house looking for signs of squirrel activity such as openings in your house, droppings, or nesting debris. We may find gnaw marks on the roof or crawl space.

Trapping & Removal: Squirrels can be difficult to catch due to their agility. However, we can outsmart squirrels by using excluders, live traps, or deterrents that keep them away.

Repairs: If we discover damage caused by squirrels, we can repair the damage on-site. Our repair service includes full decontamination, nest cleanup and removal, and structural repairs.

Opossum Removal

Opossums in Nebraska are nocturnal, adaptable, solitary animals that wander mostly in the woods in both suburban and rural habitats. Like other animals in the area, they forage food in homes and businesses, decks, and woodpiles. You can also find them in sheds, crawl spaces, and decks. Although opossums do not cause major health concerns, they can carry ticks, fleas, rabies, and Rock Mountain Spotted Fever.

Inspection: An opossum inspection begins with looking for a nest made of twigs, scraps, and other materials. Other signs include tracks, droppings, and noises. We may also look for signs of foraging in your garden.

Removal: Our main technique for removing opossums is by humanely live-trapping them. We bait the cage trap with fruits, vegetables, or canned cat food. From there, we relocate the opossum.

Repairs: To eliminate further invasion, we seal all entrances, including areas around the garage, attic, windows, and vents. We also repair any damage.

If you suspect you have a wildlife intrusion on your residential or commercial property, contact our professionals at Critter Control of Omaha today!  

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

Critter Control can eliminate the hassle of wildlife removal and ensure that 100 percent of all animals are removed from the house. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to fully remove all pests safely and quickly. There are several advantages of working with a professional wildlife control service.

  • You don’t have to buy and set up supplies and equipment.
  • You avoid being the victim of an animal attack.
  • We use humane methods to relocate the animals into the wild.
  • You receive building restoration and contamination services.

Why Choose Critter Control

  • Impeccable Customer Service: Critter Control is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service anywhere in the industry. We show up on time, professionally conduct ourselves, listen to our customers, and provide efficient service. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied with our work on every level.
  • We Deliver Results: At Critter Control, the job isn’t done until every animal is removed from your property. We conduct a comprehensive inspection followed by a complete wildlife removal in every area of your building. We also fully restore your property.
  • You Work With Experienced Professionals: Our team of wildlife specialists is vetted, trained, and certified in professional wildlife removal. When you hire Critter Control, you partner with industry experts who can get the job done regardless of your situation.

Wildlife Removal Q&A with Critter Control of Omaha 

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area? 

Raccoons, woodchucks, opossums, bats, moles, mice, and birds. 

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity? 

Look/listen for the following clues; Chewing, scratching, squeaking, chirping, mounds of dirt in the yard, and holes in the siding, soffit, or roof. Also, keep an eye out for footprints and animal feces. 

When should homeowners call Critter Control? 

Homeowners should call at the first sign of any of the common signs above. 

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