Fox and Gray squirrels are active from dawn to dusk, with most feeding occurring in the early morning and then again mid-afternoon. Most often they feed on fruits, nuts, and other vegetation.

Squirrels may breed twice a year (usually around Feb. & June) and have a 42 - 45 day gestation. They usually have 2 - 3 young that are weaned at 10 - 12 weeks old and can live up to 4 years old in the wild.

Squirrels nest in tree cavities, leaf nests, and your attic! Your attic is safe from predators such as hawks and owls and insulated from the weather. Squirrels and roof rats are the two most common critters we trap in attics here in the Atlanta area. 

Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Our trapping method is usually a live cage trap and removal system. Our wildlife technicians locate the entry points and set the trap right outside the entry to trap them as they come out to forage for food. Squirrels are leery of a trap placed in the attic, so trapping from the roof-line is the most effective means of catching them quickly. Squirrels that enter a home almost always come in through the fireplace, furnace, or chimney, and our trained team can provide solutions to prevent them from re-entering.

Toxicants are illegal and are not used in squirrel control (animals may die in wall voids and cause odor problems as well). 

Squirrel Damage

Damage concerns with squirrels include chewing through electrical lines, wood damage from gnawing entry and exit points, insulation soiling from feces &urine, and the fleas & ticks these squirrels carry inside. Often a homeowner wonders why they get a re-occurring flea problem and it's usually a result of wildlife living in the attic and/or crawl space.

Exclusion and Prevention

Wildlife exclusion involves trapping and removal of any squirrels or other rodents as well as repairing entry points and sealing up/screening any other possible areas in order to prevent a re-infestation in the future. Areas such as the construction gap along the roof-line will be sealed with a galvanized strip of sheet metal (or Leafproof Gutter Topper-see Leafproof page for details) and louvre vents, roof vents, & exhaust vents can be screened with 1/4 " galvanized hardware cloth.  

Our carpenters on staff and repair crew are also trained to repair any woodwork.  Critter Control of Atlanta offers free inspections so call to schedule a free inspection with one of our Experienced Wildlife Technicians.  

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