close up of bat

Bats in The Sunrise City

Fort Pierce, FL, residents who see fluttering shadows near the roof or hear scratching noises coming from the attic may have a bat infestation. With 20 species found across the state, running into problems with these pests is fairly common.

Nowhere to Hide

Habitat loss is the main reason bats and humans come into conflict. Normally, these animals roost in caves or tree cavities. If these options are not available, man-made structures are the next best choice. Quiet spaces that warm up during the day, like attics in sunny Fort Pierce, are ideal. Barns, sheds, and bridges are also prime roosting areas.

Bats & Disease

Bats in Fort Pierce can be rabies carriers, transmitting the virus through scratches and bites. In addition, their waste encourages the growth of dangerous Histoplasma fungus. These spores spread quickly through home air vents, especially when bat droppings build up in an attic or crawl space.

Because of the potential for infection, local residents should never handle a bat or clean up its waste. Old bat droppings actually pose a higher disease risk than fresh ones, as dust from dried feces is more likely to become airborne.

Control and Exclusion of Bats in Fort Pierce

Across North America, bat populations are on the decline. Lack of habitat, pesticides, and a fatal epidemic called white nose syndrome all contribute to this decrease in population. However, plenty of the pests still find their way into homes and must be removed.

Florida laws protect these animals, especially the three endangered species of bats in the Fort Pierce area. For legal, humane bat exclusion from a property, contact the experts at Critter Control.