Bird Control in Greenville

Barn swallows can be incredibly beneficial to have on a horse farm. Barn swallows eat a wide variety of flying insects especially flies (including house flies and horse flies), beetles, wasps, wild bees, winged ants, and true bugs. Also eats some moths, damselflies, grasshoppers, and other insects, and a few spiders and snails.

Barn Swallow Nests in Greenville, SC

Barn swallows rely on buildings for nesting, and these swallows found a suitable nesting location in a riding ring on a horse farm. The barn swallows droppings were causing issues. Swallow droppings can spread diseases and damage structures. Adult swallows remove their babies’ waste to avoid attracting predators. However, as young swallows mature, they begin to defecate over the edge of the nest.

Bird Netting in Barn

New bird netting installation

These swallow species stay near people to avoid predators and often return to the same nesting sites for multiple seasons. Critter Control of Greenville used Bird B Gone’s bird netting. The bird netting physically prevents nests from forming under the barn’s roof. 

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