Kathleen Tompkins
Sep 21, 2020
Nick and Mike were very informative regarding the process and objectives of placement of the cages. The office was very efficient in returning calls, and delivering messages.
Richard Graf
Sep 20, 2020
Thanks so much. You guys were great. Very educational, told me what I needed to do with no upsell, came when you said you would. Responsive, professional and friendly.
Adam Ross
Sep 17, 2020
Efficient, quick, professional, and friendly. Great job!
Phil Leavitt
Sep 17, 2020
Excellent service. Critter Control was easy to contact, and straightforward about what was involved. They came out to deal with the bat issue in my home in a few days, did the work safely and followed up by removing the exit valves. All the workers were very professional at my home and were masked for the Covid issues.
Cathy Mangaudis
Sep 17, 2020
Wonderful service, everyone is extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.
Michael Morizio
Sep 16, 2020
I would highly recommend Critter Control for your pest inspection, and especially their technician, named Adam.
Patricia Cutone
Sep 15, 2020
Thank you Chris! Arrived within time line given and resolved our problem in a professional manner. He was thorough with the inspection and removal of the critter in our chimney, and the follow up inspection of the chimney cap. Chris explained in detail what the issue was and solutions for future protection. I am very happy we contacted Critter Control for our problem and even happier they sent Chris to remedy it!
Ted Kontaxis
Sep 15, 2020
Hi Paul arrived at appointed time. We discussed my lawn issue and agreed voles were now making themselves at home. Paul explained what needed to be done, placing bait feeders front and back. He explained how much first course would cost $489 and possible additional costs if more bait needed. Paul was very helpful and professional at all times. Great job , however it is more than we can afford at this time. THANK YOU
Jeff Beagle
Sep 14, 2020
Mike did a great job explaining the process and completing the work. He was very thorough, trustworthy, and professional. We are pleased with the results!
George Smith
Sep 14, 2020
Technicians are always pleasant, do their best to be on time.
David King
Sep 14, 2020
Anne Owens
Sep 14, 2020
Excellent Service, Excellent Staff, Excellent Follow Up! Love these guys!!
Heath Sherman
Sep 14, 2020
Service tech. Josh. Was very professional and thorough. Thanks
George Tabet
Sep 14, 2020
The people and service were excellent!
Ellen & Charles Williams
Sep 14, 2020
Great service personnel!
David King (40391)
Sep 14, 2020
Very impressed with Joshua Peavler. He did an excellent job inspecting our property. We prefer to use him for the completion of the job as he will be coordinating with Franklin Roofing regarding the replacement of soffit as the work must be done in a timely manner.
Jon Lafferty
Sep 14, 2020
Tech did an excellent job. Top me what he did and why. Jon
Andrew Grimes
Sep 14, 2020
Good job
Mary Marquardt
Sep 14, 2020
Excellent service as always.
Christine Mcginnis
Sep 14, 2020
Did a great job very knowledgeable. Very quick response
Nancy Collins
Sep 14, 2020
Mason was very professional and kept us informed at every step.
Ann Segal
Sep 14, 2020
Sam Molnar
Sep 14, 2020
Got the animals out quickly and repaired damages
Margret Otten
Sep 14, 2020
I was not very happy with the service this time. the bait stations had some old bait and debri and even a dead mouse, but instead of removing this, it was swept out and scattered all over the rock mulch. i have an 11 pound jack russell that now i’m afraid to let out since the stations have scattered poison around them. the point of having a station was to keep my dog safe and now i worry about her and my 2 year old niece playing in that area. I have tried to remove has much as i can but it would have been easier if it were left in the station because i can’t pick it out from between all the rocks. i’ve removed all that i can and hosed off the rest hoping it sinks deep enough that it is out of reach for my pet and child. i’m so very disappointed in how this was done. mike was friendly and nothing against him but i don’t want this to ever happen again.
Cyril Pierce
Sep 14, 2020
Mike was great and knew the house. A pleasure to have.
Anne Arenstein
Sep 14, 2020
The technician did a thorough job. He explained the increased activity and how he treated it.
Chris Carney
Sep 14, 2020
Great service! On time, honest and thorough job!
Charlie Kehrer
Sep 14, 2020
John did a fantastic job. He worked fast to determine the entry point and within days resolved my squirrel infestation.
Marrilyn Hamilton
Sep 14, 2020
Very professional and explained everything. Nice young man Marriyn Hamilton
Diane Gibboney
Sep 14, 2020
on time and professional as always.
Beverly Fulweiler
Sep 14, 2020
John was very professional very friendly he did an amazing job he also put my mind at ease and what he was doing I would also highly recommend Critter Control to my neighbors and family and I hope that John would be able to do their job if I need any other work done I will definitely call you all back
Becky Brown
Sep 14, 2020
John and his team did an excellent job in removing a family of raccoons from our attic area, then removing the old insulation and replacing with new. He explained each step of the process and informed us what to expect throughout this process. He kept the communication line open and direct. We could easily reach him or the company if we had any questions. After each visit, John sent a detailed description of the work completed for that particular visit and included before and after pictures of the work. We highly recommend John and his team for any of your "critter" needs.
Tammy Collins
Sep 10, 2020
Great work!
Lory Sanders
Sep 10, 2020
Fantastic work! Capable and thorough. Thanks so much!
Albert Dodig
Sep 10, 2020
Happy to clear animal
Heather Walker
Sep 10, 2020
Professional and focused on the job.
Cathy Mangaudis
Sep 10, 2020
Great company. All are wonderful to work with and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Mark Scerra
Sep 10, 2020
Terry did a great job and was respectful of our time and circumstances.
Dean Klahr
Sep 08, 2020
Your associates were very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Critter Control to anyone with a critter to get rid of.
Christine Sobrido
Sep 04, 2020
thank you for your prompt service, always a phone call away, always helpful.
Alexandria Thibeault
Sep 01, 2020
Critter Control of Central MA was super responsive via email and phone and very reasonably priced! I would definitely do business with them again.
Janine Dallas
Aug 27, 2020
Took down a hornets nest in a very precarious spot on a tree limb hanging over our pool. Chris was very thoughtful as to how to do it to minimize the amount of spray and debris from the nest that went into the water. As always, on time, very professional, and pleasant to talk to.
Tim Daughters
Aug 27, 2020
Unfortunately, I have needed to call Critter Control many times for different animal problems. I have always been satisfied with my experience. The technicians seem to have a good understanding of animal behavior.
Margaret Murphy
Aug 27, 2020
The staff at Critter Control did an exceptional job dealing with our bat problem. They responded quickly to perform the evaluation and implemented the proposed plan 2 days later. All of the technicians were professional, friendly and informative (and sympathetic!) I would highly recommend Critter Control.
John Sobke
Aug 26, 2020
Excellent job and service
Pat Norman
Aug 19, 2020
I was very pleased with the work I received. They were professional, courteous and worked diligently even in the extreme heat. All of the agreed items on the work order were completed in a timely manner. I would give Critter Control a good recommendation.
Richard Davis
Aug 18, 2020
Brandon did a very good job in locating the problem. Very satisfied. Came to our house quickly as well. Couldn’t have been better.
Anna Hanback
Aug 18, 2020
Good information and very helpful. Keith is quite thorough in his investigation and we were very pleased with his service. Thank you!
Patricia McGrath
Aug 17, 2020
Professional .. knowledgeable staff.
Cindy Stephens
Aug 17, 2020
great job!
Helen McKinlay
Aug 17, 2020
Great service! I called as we had a skunk that fell into a deep window well overnight. Cindy was amazing and arranged for Chris to come within 30 minutes to remove the skunk. Chris did a great job and we would not hesitate to recommend Critter Control!
Lou Marziliano
Aug 17, 2020
Great job , quick and thorough. Thanks!
Phil Wolber
Aug 11, 2020
They did a fantastic job in a very difficult environment
Isabel Ladd
Aug 11, 2020
Love how frequently y’all checked the traps! Thank you!
Jody Soloshatz
Aug 11, 2020
Thank you for your reliable service!
David & Lisa Thomas
Aug 11, 2020
nice job. got our critter in no time. much appreciated
Wallace Wilson
Aug 11, 2020
Service was great. everyone I've met from your company has been polite and done good work. 5 stars
Gregory Jones
Aug 11, 2020
Working with Mike Goldschmidt has been very easy. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to catching wildlife.
Joyce Simendinger
Aug 11, 2020
Mike was friendly and attentive. We think he is thorough and competent. Thank you. Steve
Sharon McCullah
Aug 10, 2020
All of the people from Critter Control have been professional and competent. They have been friendly, as well!
Bill Plant
Aug 10, 2020
Chris was Womderful and was very patient with us as my wife had many questions. I rate him a 10 plus Thanks for everything Kathy and Bill
Lauren DeOlivera
Aug 10, 2020
As always, Cindy was quick to respond to my critter issue and Terry and Chris were very patient and helpful!
Guisseppe Conte
Aug 10, 2020
Frank Costa
Aug 10, 2020
Great job capturing the skunks as of day one, your help was well worth it.
Eric Flicker
Aug 06, 2020
Great and responsive service including a weekend.
Deborah Pintaure
Aug 05, 2020
Excellent customer service ! Job well done. Thanks Michelle Souza with Critter Control
R. D. Sachdev
Aug 03, 2020
Expensive but very good service.
anne brunno
Aug 03, 2020
Thanks for helping us with our armadillo problem! Excellent experience. Quick response, very professional.
Patty Stollings
Aug 03, 2020
Preventative measures taken with vent cover replacements. Knowledgeable and professional job
Terry Ensor
Aug 03, 2020
Very good service. Stayed on task until the job was done. They came back several times to make sure no more coons were entering our house. We also had them to close up the entry point and they did an excellent job. Their employees are cordial and caring.
Wendy Wyatt
Aug 03, 2020
Although I hated having the raccoon problem, I loved working with you guys, so professional and friendly! Thank You!!
Gina Keith
Aug 03, 2020
We couldn’t be happier with how thoroughly and considerately the job was handled! Thank you for immediately addressing our situation in such an understanding manner.
Jean Wilson
Aug 03, 2020
Had a critter problem and did not even know that I had a chimney issue and that was fixed at a very reasonable price. Also took care of the critter in the attic and sealed up the hole. Thanks for your help Jeanie Wilson
Caroline Baesler
Aug 03, 2020
Critter Control - and Mason - did a great job for us. Came out to check on things every day and very responsive to calls.
John Carnevale
Aug 03, 2020
Great all around! Very seamless process and was kept informed during the whole process.
Chris Carney
Aug 03, 2020
Mason was very friendly, thorough and honest. We appreciated him being able to come over to our hone immediately to alleviate our problems.
Nevin and Cindy Stoltzfus
Jul 28, 2020
Best Service with the Best Technician with the Best Company
David Markolf
Jul 28, 2020
Terry Pirko
Jul 27, 2020
Excellent and thorough, as always.
Barrett Wright
Jul 24, 2020
Very professional and expedited service!
Lora Possino
Jul 21, 2020
I was very impressed with your service man - he was professional, timely, and did a great job. thank you for your help ! will definitely call you again if the need arises.
Debbie Norman
Jul 16, 2020
Always professional with great workmanship.
Lori Henderson
Jul 14, 2020
Great service. Great communication. They came when they said they would. Very professional. They got the job done.
Catherine Collin
Jul 13, 2020
As a long time customer I continue to use Critter Control as they are always professional and able to answer all of my questions. The job and work they do has never been problematic and if any follow up work is needed, they have immediately addressed it. Pleasant staff to work with.
Rosemary Duda
Jul 13, 2020
Excellent service in an area with very determined snakes.
Mary Ystueta
Jul 13, 2020
Excellent Customer Service. I had a dead skunk under my shed and they prioritized me so I didn't have to deal with the stink.
Melissa Pierson
Jul 13, 2020
Keith - I appreciate you coming back out to get to the bottom of our bat problem. I know it was a challenge since my house roof line is unique and that bats were not very apparent. I greatly appreciate you and your team for never giving up and always following up to resolve a situation. Thanks Melissa Pierson
Veronica Smith
Jul 10, 2020
Service was great! Have and will recommend Critter Control to others. Thanks, Terry.
Bob Nichols
Jul 10, 2020
Always great service.
Judy Wright
Jul 10, 2020
Adam was very knowledgeable and thorough. He was able to answer all my questions and did a great job of finding where the critters were.Adam was also very punctual when coming to the house. Great job
Melony Walker
Jul 10, 2020
Terry has done a very professional job. Very satisfied!
Josie Castaldi
Jul 03, 2020
Keith did an inspection today and was prompt, thorough, and professional. He explained the problem and options to address concerns really well. I am very glad I contacted Critter Control!
Michelle Zjaba
Jun 29, 2020
Linda and Jim were great! Thanks
Diana Hill
Jun 29, 2020
Critter Control did a excellent job with the quick capture of the ground hog who thought he lived there instead of me lol!
Sharon Gay
Jun 29, 2020
John did a great job.
Linda Louis
Jun 29, 2020
Zack did a good job. Was personable, professional and was nice to meet him!
Charlotte Grim
Jun 29, 2020
I appreciate their knowledge and fast service when I call. Thank you
Kathleen Keely
Jun 29, 2020
Excellent! Couldn't have wished for anything better! Professional, accomodating, and empathetic to our situation. Thank you!
Robert Rubin
Jun 29, 2020
Mike was very professional. He always comes onetime and gives good suggestions. Very friendly.
Mim Scalin
Jun 29, 2020
Good explanation of resolution of problem. And appreciate the mask wearing.
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