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How Big Are Baby Rats Compared to Mice?

Both baby rats and mice begin life hairless and blind. Though they look similar in many ways, size helps distinguish between rats and mice. This is true at early stages of development as well. Even a relatively young rat is larger than an adult mouse, which is a key difference between baby rats and mice.

In addition, a baby rat's shape helps with identification. Baby rats have larger heads and feet compared to their bodies, and blunt, stubby heads that differ from an adult mouse's more balanced proportions.

What Do Baby Rats Eat?

Newborn baby rats drink their mother's milk for around three weeks. After that, they can eat solid food but may continue to nurse for several more weeks while they learn about other foods. Baby rats then transition into an adult diet.

Baby Rat Removal

These rodents reproduce quickly. If residents discover a baby rat in the house, then an infestation has already begun. To handle the pests before they get out of hand, contact Critter Control. Wildlife experts can remove rats safely and work to prevent their return.

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