Why Prairie Dogs Bark

Named for the sounds they use to communicate, prairie dogs are very social animals.

They live in colonies made up of different families that span several acres of land. Prairie dogs bark to alert all the groups in their area to incoming predators like hawks, coyotes, and foxes.

The Complexity of Prairie Dog Sounds

Prairie dog noises are actually quite sophisticated. Studies show that the pests use a range of warning sounds for different predators.

Both the number of barks and the amount of prairie dogs barking are important. These pests also make squeaking and chirping sounds.


Although interesting, prairie dogs are still pests. They ruin landscapes by eating plants and digging extensive burrows.

The large rodents also carry fleas in their fur, which may affect pets. In addition, prairie dog fleas can spread plague to humans.

Homeowners who hear prairie dog noises in their yard should contact professional wildlife removal services. The experts at Critter Control can humanely remove these rodents from the area.

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