Signs of Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs may eat up to two pounds of vegetation per day. As a result, it’s common to notice these digging pests above ground during daylight hours while they feed on woody shrubs and grass.

Another sign of their presence is finding prairie dog tracks.

Identifying Prairie Dog Footprints

Not much larger than a quarter, prairie dog tracks have claw marks at the end of each toe. Front prints rarely show the fifth appendage, while hind prints often do. These tracks are usually located near burrow openings.

Other Signs

The pests’ destruction to yards goes far beyond finding the occasional prairie dog footprint. Damage caused by their burrows and feeding habits includes:

  • Soil erosion and plant death
  • Damage to lawn care machinery
  • Loss of livestock grazing areas
  • Disease and parasite transmission

Because prairie dogs may cause illness and harm property, homeowners should contact Critter Control at the first sign of prairie dog tracks. Professionals can deal with wildlife infestations safely and humanely.

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