Identifying Gopher Infestations

Due to the fact that they live primarily underground, gophers are rarely seen. However, the pests are easily recognizable thanks to their flattened heads, large incisors, and small ears and eyes. Each gopher also has large front claws that make them well-equipped to dig beneath yards and homes. Homeowners are most likely to notice infestations by the presence of the mounds they leave after burrowing, which are crescent-shaped and typically between four and six inches high. Homeowners have a serious problem when faced with gophers under the house.

Problems Caused

A single gopher burrow can have 200 yards of tunnels and stretch anywhere from 200 to 2,000 square feet. These nests can be anywhere from six inches to six feet below the surface. Due to this, gophers under houses can severely weaken the structural integrity of the building, causing the land beneath to cave in. This can become a problem at any time of year as the pests don't hibernate and can easily dig through hardened ground.


Gophers living under homes are difficult to remove because they rarely travel far from their burrows. Traps and poison baits can be effective, but proper use requires considerable knowledge of gopher behavior and biology. Homeowners can try limiting the pests' access to food sources in order to keep them out of yards by putting up fences. However, these must be buried far enough into the ground to be of any use. For the most efficient removal and prevention services, contact the professionals at Critter Control to get rid of gophers under the house.

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