What Does a Gopher Sound Like?

    Thought you heard a gopher? Listen to an audio recording (mp3 file) of gopher noises and sounds.

  • Gopher

Gophers prefer living near people, as this gives them access to plants and sheltered nesting areas. The rodents tunnel in soil under buildings and porches, turning these spaces into permanent burrows. They also overrun gardens since their diet mainly consists of plant roots.

Gopher Sounds

While the pests are usually silent, gophers sometimes emit high-pitched squeaks. Other common gopher sounds include scratching and gnawing noises. Due to their sharp teeth and claws, gophers are noisy burrowers.

Problems & Removal

Gophers destroy properties by uprooting trees, vegetables, and building foundations. Moreover, once the pests settle into a nesting site, they do not like to relocate. This makes gopher control challenging. At the first sign of gopher sounds and activity, property owners should contact wildlife control services. The specialists at Critter Control are trained to remove gophers and save homes and gardens from potential ruin.

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