Finding a Coyote in the House

Entering homes through open doors, windows, or pet flaps either by accident or in search of food, a coyote in the house can cause significant damage while looking for an exit. They panic and tend to destroy everything in their path, knocking over lamps and wrecking pieces of home decor.

Additionally, coyotes attack pets and may even kill them for food. Children and adults are susceptible to injury when there are coyotes in the house, as well. The pests can also spread diseases like heartworm, mange, rabies, tularemia, and distemper.

Prevention & Removal

Keeping windows and doors closed, and monitoring them when open, is the best way to prevent coyotes in houses. Additionally, property owners can set up fences around their lawns, secure gardens, bring pet foods indoors overnight, and get tightly fitted lids for outdoor garbage bins to reduce the possibility of attracting the pests.

If coyotes still find ways inside homes, residents should distance themselves from the pests and contact the wildlife removal professionals at Critter Control.

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