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Servicing Lawrence, Topeka, Wichita and the surrounding Kaw Valley area.

Wildlife Problems in Kaw Valley


Attic-Invading Bats

Urban progress in Lawrence, KS has caused bats to abandon their natural habitats and forced them into attics, where their nesting behaviors can lead to damage and other problems. They sometimes enter attics to roost, where their collected waste poses a health risk to people in the home.

Noises Bats Make

Homeowners might be first alerted to a bat presence when they hear activity around dusk. Fluttering, scratching, and vocal squeaks are all common sounds.


Raccoons in Attics

Other pests, such as raccoons, bully their way into attics in Lawrence as well. Perhaps no other nuisance animal does more damage to property. Driven by the changing seasons to find shelter, the pests can tear holes into roofs to gain access.

Raccoon Damage

Their destruction continues with assaults on walls, beams, and insulation. They are often so motivated to get inside that even minor repairs to entry holes won't stop them from returning. As an added problem, raccoons are known carriers of rabies.

Troublesome Squirrels

In the Kaw Valley area, squirrels are a common urban pest. These rodents are agile climbers that easily access roofs to make their way indoors. Broken shingles and damaged vents then allow the pests into attics and crawl spaces. Costly squirrel damage in Topeka and Lawrence homes includes gnawed wires and shredded insulation.

Beavers in Topeka

The city's proximity to water also brings an abundance of dam-building beavers. These 40-pound rodents feed on grasses and plants found in backyards, resulting in significant damage and monetary losses. Beavers endanger backyard pets by attracting dangerous predators like coyotes and bobcats. The pests also carry the Giardia parasite, which causes an illness known as beaver fever.

Mosquito Issues

Located along a major river, Topeka, KS, is home to mosquitoes that breed in standing water. A single bite from these pests can transmit West Nile virus, which may cause encephalitis, meningitis, or even death in rare cases.

Zika, another mosquito-borne illness, has been detected multiple times in the state. Avoid bites and the risk of disease by wearing long sleeves, applying bug repellant, and staying indoors when possible.

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