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Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Wildlife Removal in Kaw Valley/Lawrence, Kansas

Whether you live in the Old West, North, Hancock, or Prairie Meadows neighborhoods, you encounter local wildlife daily. You don’t have to go to nature parks, the Baker Wetlands, or Clinton State Park to see them because they are living right in your backyard.

Raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, rats, mice, skunks, opossums, rabbits, snakes, and numerous other wildlife are searching for food, water, and shelter.

Wildlife quickly becomes a nuisance when they start damaging your property, inside and outside. It’s a good idea to have a wildlife control company, like Critter Control, on speed dial. As soon as we get your call, we start implementing our three-step process of inspecting your home and land, removing the animal, and repairing damages. Below are some examples to better show you how we solve wildlife problems.

Raccoon Removal in Kaw Valley/Lawrence

Raccoons in the Kaw Valley and Lawrence areas are like any other raccoons. They have a permanent black mask, a ringed tail, and a footprint that resembles that of a child. They’re cute, sure, but during their nighttime travels, they can be destructive. They turn over trash cans, feast on pet food, and seek places to enter your home. If there is an open vent, unsecured chimney, or access to your attic, they will find it.

Once in your home, they like to shred insulation and chew through walls. And because they will eat just about anything, they leave a lot of feces, which can be toxic.

You don’t have to overcome this problem alone. Our experts are ready to help you get rid of raccoons living on your Kansas property. We are the one-stop shop for raccoon removal.

Inspection: When we inspect for raccoon activity, we look for paw prints, smudges from their greasy fur, scratches, chew marks, and other signs. We discover how they are getting into your home, food and water sources, and nests.

Removal: While raccoons are not protected species and are far from becoming extinct, the law states you must do what you can to remove the animal humanely and safely.

We use safe and humane CritterSafe trapping to remove raccoons from your home, following all local and state regulations. Because they can carry so many diseases, we cannot relocate them. But don’t worry. We have a better plan, exclusion, which means preventing them from re-entering your home.

Repair: We replace insulation, drywall, and boards damaged by raccoons. We clean feces and urine and seal every possible entry into your home. We secure screens over vents and chimneys, close off the areas under decks and porches, and implement exclusion strategies. For example, we fence gardens, properly store trash and feed, clear debris, and install climbing barriers where needed.

Rats and Mice Removal in Kaw Valley/Lawrence

We have wood rats, muskrats, and deer mice in Kaw Valley and Lawrence. However, the most common mice and rats we see in our homes and offices are house mice, black rats, and Norway rats.

Like other nuisance wildlife, rats and mice are searching for food, water, and shelter. They multiply quickly and often, which is why you must call for help as soon as you see just one rodent in your home.

Rats and mice are sneaky and fast. They scurry along baseboards and behind furniture and appliances. They can squeeze through tiny holes, so hiding is easy. When you sleep, rodents hunt your counters, cabinets, and pantries for food, leaving droppings along the way. They will even chew through boxes and ruin groceries. Rats and mice are known to gnaw wires, baseboards, drywall, and fabrics.

When you call our experts for help, we know precisely how to get rid of rats and mice in your home.

Inspection: We follow rat and mouse trails until we find nests. We examine all areas where rodents were active for damage. Most importantly, we locate every hole in which a rodent can enter your home.

Removal: We use traps that meet local and state guidelines. Once removed, we create an exclusion plan that prevents rodents from entering your home in the future.

Repair: The most common repairs we make on rat and mouse calls are cleaning feces and urine and sealing all possible entry points. We implement better storage for foods and install screens in outdoor vents, chimneys, and gutters.

Squirrel Removal in Kaw Valley/Lawrence

Looking out your window, you can see fox squirrels, Southern flying squirrels, and gray squirrels. The fox squirrel is the most common in the Kaw Valley and Lawrence neighborhoods. They spend most of their time collecting nuts, fruits, pinecones, bark, and many other materials. Then, they hoard. If they can get into your attic, they have hit the hoarding location jackpot.

They love to build nests in your attic using materials they can rip from your wall or floor. Squirrels are another wildlife that defecates anywhere it pleases, including your attic.

Squirrels never seem to sit still. They will run in and out of your home, robbing bird feeders and gardens when hungry.

To get squirrels out of your home and prevent them from returning, call our experts.

Inspection: We understand the habits of squirrels and use that knowledge to locate food sources, nesting spots, and entry points into your home. We use this information for removal and exclusion.

Removal: Although squirrels are considered game animals, you can’t shoot them in a neighborhood. We prefer to safely and humanely remove them using our CritterSafe trapping system. It meets both local and state guidelines.

Repair: Common repairs we fix after removing squirrels are replacing insulation used for nests and repairing chewed wires, scratched walls, torn drywall, and broken vents and ductwork. We remove nests and feces left behind. Then, we seal your home so that no nuisance wildlife can enter. Outside we often trim tree branches to make it harder for squirrels to access your home and reduce their food source. Sometimes we need to install tree and roof barriers to prevent climbing. We also help you clean up debris that squirrels love.

Bat Removal in Kaw Valley/Lawrence

Kansas bats consist of the little brown bat, the big brown bat, the Northern long-eared bat, the silver-haired bat, the Eastern pipistrelle bat, the hoary bat, and at least 10 more. The bat you may find in your attic the most is the big brown bat. The reason they roost in your attic is that they can find a constant source of food and water nearby.

Bats eat thousands of insects a night. They also tend to make loud noises, urinate, and drop piles of feces that can be smelly and put a lot of weight on boards. The uric acid in bat guano is so toxic that it can cause erosion. If humans inhale fumes from the guano, they risk developing a respiratory condition.

Never try to remove a bat on your own. While sleeping, bats poop and let waste slide down their bodies. If you touch a bat, you are touching their feces. Let our experts handle the dirty work.

Inspection: Pros can quickly identify all entry points to your home, as well as food and water sources. They will assess damages caused by guano, guano stains, and erosion.

Removal: If bats refuse to leave your home, we use our safe and humane equipment to remove and release the bats. The best time to do this is between November and March. We never remove bats during the maternity season, which typically runs from May to August.

Repair: Once the bats are gone, we clean the guano and seal all entry points. Other exclusion methods include removing things that attract many insects, like stagnant water and outdoor night lighting.

Blackbird Removal in Kaw Valley/Lawrence

We have many blackbirds in our area, including brown-headed cowbirds, grackles, starlings, and red-winged blackbirds. The population of blackbirds is growing, possibly because they are a protected species on state and federal levels. They migrate and form flocks—picture hundreds of thousands of birds occupying all the trees in your neighborhood.

Many birds will continue to migrate, while others stay in Kaw Valley and Lawrence through the winter. In your neighborhood, you can expect to see birds roosting on window seals, roof ledges, wires, poles, and more.

Some blackbirds may choose your attic, eave, or any hidden spot on your home when creating a nest. This can be dangerous if their nest plugs ductwork, vents, or gutters. We can help.

Inspection: We find all nesting spots on your home and in surrounding trees. We locate food sources, like nuts and leaves on the ground. They will also scavenge through trash on the ground.

Removal: Keeping birds away from your home is the primary goal. We seal holes around your home and install screens over gutters, vents, and pipes. We clean up debris from the yard. Sometimes trimming tree branches can limit a bird’s activity on your property.

Repair: If birds have dented or scratched spouting or outside ledges, we can fix it. We can also install barriers around your roof to prevent roosting.

Calling experts to take care of your nuisance wildlife problems means you are:

  • Protected from toxic feces and waste
  • Protected from being bitten by a diseased animal
  • Protected from future bird invasions into your home

Why Choose Critter Control

The Critter Control experts offer even more, like being:

  • Licensed for removal of nuisance animals
  • Equipped with tools to complete the job safely and humanely
  • Extensively trained on the habits of all wildlife
  • Able to repair damages caused by the animals

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