What Does a Skunk Sound Like?

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How to Identify Skunk Sounds 

Skunks are black and white and found across North America. They construct their dens under porches, buildings, garages, and sheds. Since they often find themselves so close to homes, the smelly pests move inside via large enough holes in the building exterior or through open windows or doors to scavenge for food.

Skunk Noises

While they're usually silent, skunks do have the ability to produce a range of sounds. They can squeal, hiss, screech, whimper, grumble, smack their lips, and stomp loudly. These noises are used to communicate fear, pain, contentedness, or to intimidate predators. Additionally, the pests make snuffling sounds when they're actively searching for food and scratching or rustling noises when burrowing.

Damage & Problems

Skunks destroy landscaping and undermine the structural integrity of buildings. They dig cone-shaped holes around lawns three to four inches in diameter when searching for food and burrow under structures. The pests also let their droppings accumulate around yards and leave behind unpleasant odors. Finally, skunks are known carriers of rabies, as well as additional pests like fl eas, ticks, mites, and lice.


Since skunks can be difficult to remove from their dens, it's important to call in professional help at the first sign of infestation. Avoid costly lawn and home damage by contacting the professionals at Critter Control. Our technicians will remove infestations and offer tips on avoiding future issues.

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