Image of a Roof Rat

Where Do Roof Rats Nest?

Rodents construct their nests in sheltered places away from predators. While other rat species dig burrows, roof rats live high above the ground. In the yard, residents may spot roof rat nests in trees, firewood piles, shrubs, and vines. Outdoor infestations often spread inside as the rats take advantage of warmth and food.

In homes, the pests live in elevated areas like attics, other overhead storage spaces, and soffits. Since roof rats can have multiple nests, removing one is no guarantee that the problem is resolved. Hidden rats living in wall voids and hollow ceilings can continue an infestation even after all the visible nests are gone.

How Do Roof Rats Make Nests?

Roof rats shred paper, fabric, and insulation to build their nests. They also gather twigs, grass, and other plants in yards. While these materials make up most of a roof rat nest, the rodents will use almost anything soft that they can carry.


Not only are roof rat nests unsightly, they can also be dangerous. Crafted from dry materials, these structures can feed small fires, putting residents at risk. The pests may also add to the fire hazard by gnawing on wires as they gather nesting materials.


The pests typically enter homes through garages, vents, gaps around eaves or rooflines, and windows near trees. Preventing roof rats from nesting in the house begins with rodent-proofing these areas. Repair damaged vent covers and seal any cracks that lead indoors.

Homeowners who discover a roof rat nest can contact Critter Control for expert removal.

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