Roof Rat Activity

Roof rats are nocturnal rodents found throughout the United States. Their presence is bothersome and even dangerous, as they can spread plague, murine typhus, and leptospirosis. While the pests are elusive and rarely seen, roof rat tracks provide clear evidence of their activity.

Follow the Footprints

Roof rats have four-toed front feet and five-toed hind feet, making their tracks unmistakable. People commonly find these footprints near food prep areas or along crumb-laden baseboards. Following roof rat tracks can lead to den sites and food sources, as well as reveal the best places for traps.

In areas of suspected rodent activity, spread talcum powder on the ground and leave it there overnight. If roof rat tracks and tail drag marks are visible in the morning, the pests have passed through this area.

Other Evidence

In addition to tracks, roof rats leave other signs of their presence. The pests create smudge marks on walls with their greasy fur. They also leave urine stains and droppings nearly everywhere they go. Since rodents gnaw on their surroundings, scratch and chew marks often scar infested homes.

Controlling Roof Rats

Homeowners are less likely to see roof rat tracks when the pests live in attics, behind walls, or in crawl spaces. Squeaking, scratching, or rubbing sounds may indicate their presence in these cases.

Indoor roof rat tracks also suggest larger problems. Food contamination is possible when the pests make their way into kitchens and pantries. At the first sign of roof rat footprints, Critter Control can help remove the pests and restore peace of mind.

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