Where Do Roof Rats Cause Damage?

Roof rats damage homes where they live in the Southern and Western coastal states. The warm weather and lush plant life attract the rodents to these regions.

While roof rats can live in wooded areas, yards and homes provide both food and shelter, making them an attractive place to nest.

Roof Rat Damage Outdoors

These pests feed on almost any plants in yards, particularly fruit, seeds, and nuts. Roof rats climb trees to collect food and often leave rinds and shells scattered across the lawn. They may also gnaw on siding and build messy nests on branches or in ivy on the sides of houses.

Roof Rat Damage in Homes

As their name suggests, roof rats like to occupy the upper stories of homes. Besides providing a warm, safe place to raise their young, an attic also offers insulation that the rodents use for nesting. While collecting this material, roof rats tend to gnaw on electrical wires, resulting in costly damage and even house fires.

Another favorite hideout is the overhead spaces between floors, where the pests leave foul-smelling urine and droppings. In kitchens, roof rats damage food packaging and contaminate the contents as they eat. Contact with rodent waste, either inhaled or ingested, could result in several serious illnesses.


Traps and repellents take time and money to produce results. The specialists at Critter Control can help put an end to roof rat damage and take away the stress of a rodent infestation.

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