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Are there strange noises coming from inside your house that interrupts your day? You might have been woken up by the sounds of gnawing, thumping, or running. Perhaps there's a certain part of your home that has an unknown stench. 

A wild animal in your home can create disturbances, damage your home, and impact the health of you and your family. You need to safely get the animal out of your house and repair the damage.

But how do you know what type of animal is in your home?

The experts at Critter Control have spent the last three decades humanely removing animals and cleaning up the mess. These resources are some of the tools the wildlife technicians use to investigate wildlife pest problems.

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Professional and friendly
Excellent customer service! Last week we realized a family of cute birds were nesting in our roof soffit. The nest was right above our deck, and they were getting aggressive with our dogs and us. A super friendly service coordinator answered the phone right away. She was able to get us scheduled for the next day. The tech showed up on time, in a freak April snowstorm! He quickly addressed the issue, thoroughly explained what he did and when he would be back. He showed up right on time again, made sure our squatting birds were gone for good and completed the permanent fix where they were accessing the soffit. Probably one of the easiest service calls we’ve ever had! Thank you!
We had a nuisance woodpecker driving us insane drumming on the metal chimney cap. We called Brittni and she provided detailed information over the phone as to estimated costs and methods used. She promptly followed up everything with a detailed email. Scheduling was easy. Terrance was on-time and very pleasant to work with. He inspected the chimney for damage and for evidence of nests = none found! He installed two deterrents and wa on his way! Highly recommend!
Very professional service, wonderful people, pricey
As a builder, it is always nice to work with professional outfits that show up when they say and do a nice Job. This is an excellent team and I would recommend them to anyone with critter issues. Terry Artisan Custom Homes LLC.
Great responsiveness to requests, and excellent service. Our company will definitely use CC of Savannah again should the need arise.
Always appreciate your great service!!
They kept us informed every day and they were very professional. Will definitely use them again if needed.
Fast, efficient service. PLUS I haven't seen a rabbit since the application. I will be thrilled if it lasts all summer!!
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