Wildlife Problems in Yarmouth, MA

Yarmouth, MA, has established itself as a major seaport and resort town just minutes from Cape Cod. Local beaches draw pests with their easy access to water, while heavy tourist traffic tends to create plenty of shelter, food, and resources. As a result, several common animals lead to problems for residents.

Squirrels in the Attic

Citizens of Yarmouth may see squirrels running around yards and climbing trees. Issues arise when these rodents enter houses or sheds in search of shelter. With the pests' habit of chewing wires, gnawing wood beams, and nesting in attic insulation, a squirrel infestation can cause serious damage.

Raccoons and Disease

As carriers of several viruses and parasites in Massachusetts, raccoons can be dangerous to have around. A known rabies vector, the animals may infect humans and pets via a scratch or bite. Raccoon roundworm can spread when homeowners come into contact with surfaces or ground contaminated by the pests' droppings.

Bat Colonies

Bats will roost in Yarmouth buildings if their natural habitats are unavailable. When they decide to come into homes, it may be difficult to keep them out. Smaller local species, like the little brown bat, can fit through a hole the size of a dime. Indoors, their guano creates foul smells, stains surfaces, and can harbor a disease-causing mold.

Additional Pests in Yarmouth

Other Massachusetts nuisances to avoid include rats and skunks. A Norway rat may squeeze through a hole in the wall or burrow its way into a basement. Once inside, the rodents reproduce rapidly. On the other hand, a skunk will dig for grubs in lawns and spray a strong musk if it feels threatened.

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