Wildlife Problems in Falmouth, MA

The second largest town on Cape Cod, Falmouth, MA, harbors a variety of wildlife nuisances. Its proximity to the coast makes the area attractive to pests, which can result in property damage and the spread of disease. Humid summers and harsh winters mean residents may encounter animals trying to escape the weather year-round.

Squirrels in the House

A common sight throughout Massachusetts, squirrels comb yards for nuts and seeds. Because of their small size, these rodents can also enter houses through open windows, chimneys, and vents. In addition to tearing insulation and gnawing on belongings in attics, a squirrel may start an indoor flea or tick infestation.

Coastal Bats

Falmouth beaches and caves create the perfect breeding ground for bats. Known for their nocturnal habits, these local animals eat mosquitoes and other insects along the coast. A bat desperate for shelter may make its way into an attic or shed, contaminating the area with waste. Guano can foster the growth of harmful mold, so proper cleanup is essential.

Raccoons in the City

Drawn to populated areas of the state, raccoons have no problem digging in gardens or tipping over trash cans for food. The pests adapt easily to conditions in neighborhoods, so they may be hard to manage. The raccoon is a vector for rabies in Massachusetts, making them a danger to have near the home.

More Falmouth Wildlife

Residents may deal with opossums and voles as well. Like a raccoon, an opossum thrives in urban habitats and will sift through garbage and compost for a meal. A vole feeds on plants and grass, causing unsightly damage to gardens and turf. Relocating wood piles away from houses and maintaining lawns can help homeowners avoid these pests.


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