Wildlife Problems in Barnstable, MA

The coastal landscapes of Barnstable, MA, draw residents to the area as well as support many types of wildlife nuisances. Abundant water and food left on beaches help animals thrive, though pests' proximity to people often results in home infestations.

Nimble Squirrels

Barnstable neighborhoods make ideal homes for both gray and red squirrels. The rodents climb vertical surfaces like brick walls and tree trunks with ease and leap across large gaps, making exclusion tough. A squirrel can find many ways into an attic. Once inside, it may gnaw wiring and cause expensive damage.

Troubles with Raccoons

Raccoons in Barnstable come to suburban areas for easy access to food and shelter. The pests have a particular fondness for digging through trash at night. Regular handouts can make a raccoon feel comfortable around people and increase the chances that it will approach residents or enter buildings.

Bats Inside

To escape the Massachusetts weather, a bat may come into a house to roost. Openings including uncapped chimneys, cracked windows, and missing shingles offer them entry. State law prohibits evicting bats during certain times in the year, so homeowners should contact wildlife experts promptly for help with these animals.

Other Pests in Barnstable

Common fixtures such as bird feeders leave behind messes that invite mice and coyotes onto lawns. Always searching for a meal, a house mouse will readily take advantage of spilled seed and move indoors to find more resources. Outdoor pet food can also attract a coyote, which may lead to a dangerous encounter.

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