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Wildlife Removal Company in Peachtree City

 Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on you Fayette County property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure all potential entry points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration.

Common Wildlife Control in Peachtree City

Peachtree City's 100+ miles of multi-use pathway connects you to the city while winding through wooded greenbelts and around scenic lakes. You can explore the entire city on the interconnected pathway, but the same network can provide a path for animals to explore your property. If you find nuisance wildlife on your property or in your home, the professional at Critter Control can humanely solve the problem. 

Raccoon Removal

These clever little critters can be found all over Fayette County, and love getting into garbage bins, dumpsters, barns, lofts, and buildings. Raccoons can carry a range of parasites that you do not want anywhere near your home, family, or pets. Be very careful around these critters!

Raccoons are very resourceful scavengers that can usually be found near a food source. It is easy to recognize a raccoon, but don’t get too close! They are most visible in the summertime when they have their babies, and the weather is favorable.

Inspection: We look for footprints, holes, nests, and droppings when we come to assess if you have a raccoon problem.

Removal: We leave traps in places we see signs of raccoon presence. They are very sturdy and catch the raccoon in a humane way. We leave them for the raccoon to wander in themselves, enticing them with the food we know they will want.

Repairs: It is not uncommon for raccoons to leave damage inside and outside buildings, garages, and barns. We also offer services to repair any holes made and disinfect areas affected by raccoons. You do not want any harmful bacteria left in your home. We can also replace insulation materials if they were damaged.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in Atlanta thrive year-round because of Georgia's mild winters.

Squirrels cause big damage to your home, property, barn, and garage. They have been known to chew through decks, gutters, and electrical wiring. These repairs can disrupt the functioning of your home. They can also leave piles of debris on structural roofing and clog home gutters with their nests creating a backup in the flow of rainwater, causing damage to your roofing.

Inspection: We can tell a squirrel is present by its unique gnaw marks. We always check for signs of droppings and nest building and for holes in any building structures that would let us know squirrels are there.

Removal: We come to your home and set up a one-way door trap that keep squirrels from coming back into your home once it is out.

Repairs: We can repair all holes and remove all droppings in a way that also disinfects the area. We can also remove any debris that may have been left behind by the squirrel.

Rat Pest Control 

The Norway and roof rats and the house mouse are common in south Metro Atlanta, and there is no lack of food, water, and shelter. So why are they such a nuisance in your home? Simply because it, too, gives them food, water, and shelter.

You won’t likely see too many rats and mice. They are active at night and know how to stay out of sight. They are sneaky creatures, snagging crumbs off countertops and chewing their way through boxes in your pantry. One way you know they are there is the droppings they leave behind, the ones that can be toxic to humans. There may also be gnawed materials like wood or wires and shredded insulation. If it is soft and accessible, rodents will chew it.

Setting a trap for rodents is a temporary fix. Eventually, others will find their way into your home. We can make it much harder for them, however.

Inspection: We find every hole in your home, from the size of a quarter, which mice can squeeze through, to bigger openings. We locate nests and assess damages.

Removal: We follow Georgia guidelines in removing rats and mice, including exclusion methods designed to keep rodents away from your home or office. For example, we seal every hole, from the bottom of your home, baseboard cracks, walls, and up to the attic and roof. We properly store human and pet foods and clean debris both inside and outside your home.

Repair: Our pros can fix or replace damaged wiring, boards, cabinets, shingles, and more. They will clean areas affected by rodents, including nests, feces, and urine.

Bat Removal

Georgia is home to sixteen species of bats, which are a vital part of our local ecosystems. They are typically nocturnal, apart from when they have a disease and become disoriented. Never try to handle bats with bare hands as they are covered in bacteria-filled feces.

Inspection: We search for droppings known as guano, small holes and openings, and the strong smell of ammonia.

Removal: We set up a special bat valve designed for your specific house structure, which allows for one way flight out of your home. They will not be able to re-enter as other entry points will be sealed off.

Repairs: We remove the bat valve, clean and disinfect guano and repair any holes to restore your home back to new.

Snakes in the House

Snakes are legless reptiles that can be found in just about any cool, small, dry space. In the heat of Georgia summer, they often take refuge under decks, foundations, and in small holes. They move across the ground by slithering back and forth and sense movement in the air using their tongues.

Inspection: Snakes are often found in piles of lumber, small holes, or in existing dens. We inspect all these places on your property. Gardens and garden boxes are also favorite places for snakes.

Removal: Do not attempt to kill any snakes yourself, as the venom can still be lethal even after their heads are removed. It is best to let us come and trap them, moving them off your property through relocation.

Repairs: Snakes usually do not harm property but can be dangerous to humans if they bite, as some are venomous. The best way to control snakes is to remove the source of their homes. We seal up any cracks where they may have gained access to dark hidden places around your home and property.


Opossum Removal in Atlanta

Opossums, or possums, are prevalent in Fayette, Henry, and Clayton counties. If you’ve got one in your home, you know it’s there. They are noisy animals. They scream, hiss, thump and bump. They can truly be annoying at any time during the day or night.

Plus, they are filthy, leaving feces and urine wherever they go. While most possums will move to a new home every few weeks, you don’t have to wait. You can call us to evict them early.

Inspection: We look for paw prints, waste, and areas destroyed by possums. We follow their trails and find out how they entered your home. We also locate food and water sources that attracted them to your property.

Removal: Possums are protected in Georgia, so we use our CritterSafe system to trap and remove them from your home. We remove waste and clean the areas where they were active. We implement exclusion methods like sealing entry points and removing their access to food or water.

Repair: We’ve seen possums break items stored in your attic or basement, scratch walls, chew wood, and rip up the flooring. We come prepared to fix damages like these.

Beaver Control

Beavers have been a nuisance animal in Peachtree City. You can catch a sight of a beaver in Flat Creek Nature area. Lake Kedron and Lake Peachtree are ideal habitats for beavers.

Beavers are second only to humans in their ability to engineer and alter landscapes. While a beaver's dam can create a thriving ecosystem, it can also lead to property flooding and tree damage. Beavers also can carry tularemia and giardia. 

Bird Control in Peachtree city

Birds are everywhere in Fayette County. Sparrows, starlings, and pigeons are the only ones not protected by state and federal laws simply because they are not native to our state. All birds can become nuisance birds. They perch on roof ledges, poop on cars and windows, and build nests in eaves and attics. Their poop is acidic and causes corrosion. It carries many toxins that can lead to respiratory diseases in humans.

Birds like to find small spaces to call home, like ventilation ducts, gutters, and soffits. When it rains, water that is supposed to flow away from your home doesn't. Water is not the only issue, however. The nesting materials they use can clog vents, creating fire hazards.

Let us help!

Inspection: We understand how a bird thinks and what it likes, including nesting and perching spots, food, and water sources.

Removal: If birds are in your home, we use one-way doors to let them fly out but not return. We remove nests and waste.

Repair: While we may not wash bird droppings off your car, we will repair or replace damaged soffits, gutters, shingles, wires, and more. We focus on exclusion by reducing food and water sources that attract birds.

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

It can be tempting to try to remove wildlife on your own, but this can be dangerous and cause more damage or disease. Please do not attempt to remove these animals on your own; it is always a smart and safe idea to call on Professional Wildlife Services for help.

• Many years of business in the field

• Safe and humane methods of animal removal

• We also use decontamination after we remove any wildlife

• We have the tools and equipment to handle any wildlife

• You will not get hurt by an aggressive animal

Why Chose Critter Control

• Reason #1: Humane removal methods. Most animals that invade your structures are just trying to eat, raise babies, or make a home. We believe they do not mean to harm; they are simply trying to exist with us. Our job is to redirect them back to their wild habitats.

• Reason #2: Trained and Certified Experts in Removal with a great history of success. Not everyone can safely remove animals. We have years of training expertise.

• Reason #3: Accurate inspection and removal. Wildlife can inhabit just about any space you can imagine. It takes an expert to know how to locate them in a safe way that also preserves your homes, garages, barns, and other structures. We can recognize the signs of wildlife presence, locate the animals and remove one hundred percent of them.


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