What Does a Rattlesnake Sound Like?

    Rattlesnake Audio

    Thought you heard a rattlesnake? Listen to an audio recording (mp3 file) of rattlesnake noises and sounds.

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Rattlesnakes are best known for their venomous bites, which are dangerous to both people and animals. The pests are commonly found in deserts, grasslands, swamps, and residential neighborhoods. They range in size from one to eight feet long and attack anyone that invades their territory.

Rattlesnake Noises

The easiest way to detect hidden rattlesnakes is to listen for the sounds they make. The pests produce rattling and buzzing noises to warn predators away. Additionally, they may hiss to alert intruders of their presence.

Dangers & Prevention

Some species of rattlesnakes have potent bites that damage the blood cells, tissues, and circulatory systems of their prey. Others have venom that affects nervous systems and cause shortness of breath, swelling, discoloration, nausea, and weakness. As such, rattlesnake bites require treatment by medical professionals. Homeowners that live near the pests' natural habitats should listen closely for rattlesnake sounds. At the first sign of activity, contact the specialists at Critter Control to remove the snakes.

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