Do Rattlesnakes Bite People?

Rattlesnakes generally don’t bite unless they feel threatened. They make a distinct buzzing noise with their tails as a warning prior to attack. However, they are able to strike quickly to protect themselves.

Why do Rattlesnakes Bite?

Snakes will bite in self-defense. Conflicts with rattlesnakes are more common during the spring when the pests emerge from their winter inactivity. In warmer regions, these reptiles stay active for up to ten months out of the year. They are less lively in high-altitude regions and cold weather.

Rattlesnakes typically hide:

  • Among rocks
  • Tall grass
  • Wood piles
  • Shady areas when the weather is exceptionally warm.

In order to avoid rattlesnake bites, people shouldn’t walk or hike in areas of high brush because it is difficult to check for snakes.

Are Rattlesnake Bites Fatal?

Dying from a rattlesnake bite is rare, but it is a possibility. Bites are extremely painful and can lead to severe tissue loss and trauma. More than half of the reported snake attacks in the U.S. are a direct result of a person handling, bothering, or attempting to grab a snake. Medical professionals should treat rattlesnake bites to prevent serious side effects.

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