What Do Porcupine Tracks Look Like?

With their large size and threatening quills, porcupines are distinctive animals. Their footprints are equally unique, making them easy to identify.

Porcupine tracks in the mud and dirt have a pebbly texture and are often accompanied by drag marks created by their tails. Their front prints are also much smaller than those made by their back feet.

Since these pests move slowly, they usually leave a deep impression in the ground. Porcupine tracks in the dirt or mud don't feature toe impressions, but claw marks will be visible.

People are most likely to find prints in forests, around houses, or at the bases of trees.

Porcupine Tracks in the Snow

The pests have a special method for dealing with snow. In much the same way that plows clear roads for safe driving, porcupines create trails so they can travel more easily from their dens to food sources.

As a result, porcupine tracks in the snow are not visible. Instead, the large rodents leave behind impressive trenches.


In addition to leaving tracks, porcupines cause issues with their feeding habits. The pests love salt, so they gnaw on house siding, cars, and other surfaces to get to salt residue. Their quills also pose a danger to household pets.

For these reasons, it's important that homeowners contact the experts at Critter Control as soon as they spot porcupine tracks in the yard. Our trained technicians will remove the pests swiftly and safely.

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