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Issues with Chipmunks and Gophers

Chipmunks and gophers are common nuisances in the yard for many homeowners. Both pests steal food from gardens and dig holes in the ground. Their burrowing may weaken structures such as patios, stairs, and home foundations.

While both pests are destructive, the same control methods won't always work for chipmunks vs. gophers. This is why it's crucial to find the true cause of pest problems in the yard.

Chipmunk vs. Gopher Identification

These animals cause similar damage, but a few differences between chipmunks and gophers set them apart:

  • Appearance - A chipmunk has a slim and athletic body, while a gopher appears larger with a stockier frame. In addition, gophers have brown, gray, or black fur, but chipmunks are almost always brown with black stripes.
  • Dirt Mounds - On the surface, chipmunks leave no visual signs of their burrows besides silver-dollar-sized holes. However, gophers create large, fan-shaped mounds of soil that can extend along the entire tunnel.
  • Sounds - Chipmunk vs. gopher behavior also helps to identify the pests. While gophers rarely make sounds, chipmunks are vocal animals that make high-pitched chirps.

Reducing Damage

In the process of digging their complex burrows, these pests can damage utility lines and water pipes as well as yards and homes. To take care of problems with chipmunks or gophers, call the experts at Critter Control.

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