Chipmunk Infestation on Your Property

When you discover a chipmunk infestation on your property, it can be frustrating. After all, these critters can cause major damage and possibly spread diseases to you and your pets.

So, why have these pests chosen to make your property a home? Unfortunately, it could be for any number of reasons. Chipmunks may have chosen to move to your property due to the abundance of food or water, a lack of predators, or a lack of other rodents
Whatever their reasons for choosing your property, there are a variety of places they may decide to settle in. Here’s where to check for these critters.

Chipmunks in the House

Chipmunks create underground burrows to live in. With that, it is unlikely for chipmunks to be in your home. But it is not impossible. With that, you may find chipmunks in a few spots around the house.

Chipmunks in Attic

The first place to look is in the attic. Chipmunks nest in attics because they offer shelter and plentiful sources of food. The pests cause several issues while in these spaces. Since they spread around their urine and feces, chipmunks expose house residents to unpleasant smells and various diseases.

If these pests decide they like the attic, they may roam into other areas of your home. They may decide to eat pet foods, rummage through trash bins, and gnaw on furniture, wiring, and other materials around the home.

Chipmunks in Wall Cavities

Chipmunks may even move into the walls of your home. Within the walls, the critters can gnaw on wooden beams, insulation, and wires. This can cause structural issues and increase the risk of an electrical fire.

Under Patios

But it is more common for chipmunks to make their home under your home or patio. Over time, the existence of these tunnels puts cracks in cement and basement floors and weakens the overall structural integrity of houses and decks.

If you find chipmunks in or near your home, the best solution is to modify the habitat to make it less attractive. Since the pests use shrubs and other plants for cover, planting foliage away from home foundations and keeping them trimmed makes your home less favorable.

Chipmunk in Yard or Garden

Another place to look for these gift burrowers is in your yard or garden.

The pests can easily ruin expensive landscaping and make their way under retaining walls, home foundations, and decks. Unfortunately, these hungry pests can compromise the health of your garden. Chipmunks will happily uproot foliage with their tunneling. Plus, they will munch away on the nuts, berries, seeds, and flowers found in your garden.

Flowerbeds that are close to your home may present an opportunity for the pests to burrow under your home’s foundation. Additionally, their burrows may cause a collapse of patio bricks and porch staircases. Both of these activities result in costly repairs and have the potential to cause injury.

Get Rid of Chipmunks

If you have too many chipmunks on your property, it is a good idea to call in the help of professional wildlife control before property damage gets out of hand. Critter Control technicians will effectively remove chipmunks from your property.

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