A local farmer had an empty barn that used to have livestock in it 50 years ago. He wanted to either convert the barn into a living space or keep dairy cows in the barn. Before you could fix the barn, he found bats living in it. 

Bats in Barns

Barns are large spaces with plenty of potential bat entry points. While bats cannot create their own entry point, they only need a tiny gap to get into your barn. At Critter Control, we can guarantee to solve your bat problem.

We identify all the potential entry points and seal them. To get rid of bats, we install a one-way valve so bats evict themselves. Once they leave they cannot return. After all the bats are gone, we remove the one way valve. Then we apply sanitizing agents and ectoparasite treatments to clean up after them.

Dairy Barn Bat Removal

Pennsylvania is ranked 8th nationally in total milk production, and dairy farms in York, Adams, and Dauphin Counties produce a lot of it. Lancaster County has the most with 100,000 milk cows.

Dairy is an important business in Pennsylvania’s economy, and bats can be an important part. Bats in Pennsylvania eat insects, and researchers found bats have an economic impact in the billions for agriculture. Bats roosting in your dairy barn are a threat.

If you have a dairy barn, you know how important it is to keep to free of bats. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture requires it to be bat free. They pose no direct to humans, and bats are no more likely to transmit rabies than any other mammal. However, the accumulation of guano can spread diseases and noxious odors.