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Common Wildlife Issues in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

Bats in Buildings

Attics are popular nesting sites for bat colonies in Greater Pittsburgh. The buildup of feces from roosting bats causes a host of issues, including odor, stained ceilings, and the risk of disease. In addition, removing these animals without separating mother bats from their babies can be complex.

Squirrels inside Homes

Pennsylvania tree squirrels can easily become attic pests when they find a way to enter homes. Once inside, they chew on wires and ruin insulation. A squirrel can also fall into a wall void, creating damage and disturbing noises. If the trapped animal dies, decay attracts insects and leads to foul smells.

Neighborhood Raccoons

Raccoons adapt well to living near people. As a result, the pests thrive in the Greater Pittsburgh area. They move into neighborhoods, consuming trash and digging in lawns and gardens. A raccoon den beneath a deck, porch, or shed also means trouble for both Pennsylvania homeowners and their pets.

Pest Birds in Greater Pittsburgh

Surrounded by woodlands and three large rivers, Greater Pittsburgh, PA, is no stranger to nuisance wildlife. Avian pests like woodpeckers, starlings, and Canada geese cause problems in both the city and the suburbs.

Drumming Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers rap on siding and drain spouts as well as trees in Greater Pittsburgh. These pests like to use hollow metal objects because the ringing sound carries farther.

Their loud drumming is even worse during mating season in April and May. Damage to drainpipes or house trim caused by a woodpecker can be costly to repair.

Noisy Starlings

The second most common bird in the Greater Pittsburgh area, the starling is a nuisance in yards. Large flocks and loud calls do not endear these pests to homeowners. In addition, starlings create foul-smelling droppings and nest in almost any cavity in trees or home exteriors.

Aggressive Canada Geese

Canada geese sometimes nest in Pennsylvania neighborhoods. As a result, their waste builds up, creating messes on sidewalks and lawns. Canada goose droppings can quickly become a health hazard in yards, parks, pools, and waterways. These pests may also become hostile towards people, especially when they receive regular handouts of food.

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