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Wildlife Control & Removal

Wild Animal Removal

Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Wildlife Pest Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Animal Damage Repairs

Professional repairs to entry points, insulation. Clean up, sanitize and disinfect animal waste and urine. 

Wildlife Problems in Pensacola, FL

Located on the Gulf Coast, Pensacola, FL, is an especially attractive setting for pests. The warm climate and thriving city life allow many animals to stay active year-round either outdoors or inside homes.

Common Wildlife Pest Problems in Pensacola 

Problem Raccoons

In Pensacola neighborhoods, raccoons investigate yards> and gardens to find something to eat. Loosely sealed trash cans and outdoor pet food bowls provide them with meals. Aside from the mess they make digging through trash, a raccoon can spread diseases like rabies and canine distemper. These pests are the most common rabies carrier in Florida.

Climbing Squirrels

Tree squirrels thrive in urban areas like Pensacola. The pests strip bark from trees and dig holes in yards to bury food for later. A squirrel will typically nest in a tree, but the animal's climbing skills also allow them access to roofs and attic.

Unwanted Bats

Florida residents should regularly look for signs that bats have moved into their homes. The animals' oily fur stains house siding around their point of entry, and piles of bat droppings often accumulate on the ground below. Bats also make squeaking or shuffling noises when they leave the roost at dusk as well as when they return.

Rat and Mouse Control  

Successful rodent control depends on controlling the population. A female rat can have six litters a year wiht up to 12 pups in a litter. Trapping and removing individual animals will not solve your problem. However the removed rodent got in, that opening still exists. Professional rodent control is essential to solve the rat or mouse problem. 


Nusiance Wildlife in Pensacola Yards

Causing a nuisance from below, moles and armadillos burrow in lawns, leaving dirt mounds and holes behind. Both pests get rid of some harmful insects but cause lawn damage in the process. Most mole species prefer to dig through damp soil, so watering the grass less frequently may help keep them away.

Wildlife FAQ in Pensacola

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?

Rats, squirrels, raccoons, and bats in attics.
How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?

Rats are year-round problems. Squirrels are also year-round nuisances. Raccoons are heaviest in spring and summer with some fall activity. Bats are major problems May through September.
What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?
Noises in the attic, scratching in ceiling or walls, walking noises above head, staining on siding, guano buildup around foundation or what looks like "dog poop" on roof.
Any prevention tips for residents in your area?
Have a professional seal your home to prevent common exploitation or break-in by smart and determined animals.
When should homeowners call Critter Control?
The minute they hear something or know they have an issue... the longer they "ignore" the problem, the more damage is done.

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