Appearance of a Woodpecker

Woodpeckers are famous for their beaks, which they use as chisels to carve nesting holes and hunt for insects in trees. Bristled feathers over their nostrils prevent dust from entering their noses, and theireyelid membranes have adapted to protect the birds' vision. Coloration varies between species, but most woodpeckers have black-feathered bodies with white patches and a red crest atop their heads. Certain varieties, such as the Magellanic and the red-headed woodpecker, have heads that are entirely red in color.

image of a woodpeckerProblems

Excessive deforestation combined with slow regrowth and overgrazing often force woodpeckers toseek shelter in backyards. They're attracted to the suet and nectar feeders found on many properties, as well as nut trees and seeds. Homes near wooded areas can encounter moderate to heavy woodpecker activity during the spring and fall. Unfortunately, these birds become pests when they drum on homes and utility posts. Other than certain species of barbets with strong beaks, woodpeckers are the only birds that bang their bills into tree bark and buildings.

Woodpecker Woes

Some theorize that woodpeckers look to consciously choose homes and other buildings for drumming, as the structures actually amplify pecking noises. Habitat destruction forces the birds into residential areas, where the pests raid backyard fruit and nut trees and leave accumulations of droppings. Considerable damage is done to man-made structures each year when woodpeckers create cracks in wooden siding, trim, and eaves. Insects often bore between these crannies to overwinter, causing further complications that are costly to remedy. To save money and stop problems before they start, contact Critter Control as soon as issues arise with woodpecker infestations.


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Best Bat Removal

Anett B.
Brandon was out to please and make out lives easier with out bat situation. Above and beyond of the call of duty and got the job done. Thank you!
Celia G
Bat removal. Very knowledgeable and dedicated.
Emily G.
BAT POOP CLEAN-UP AND PREVENTION! Bat guano removed from gables. No bats found in attic, so put new screens on all gable vents, as one screen was close to breaking and then bats may have gotten in! Great work in Tulsa!
Jerry M.
Squirrels and chipmunks were in our attic. So we called Critter Control to do an inspection. Their representative climbed all over our very steep roof and found several places where squirrels had entered our attic.

Upon inspection of the attic, evidence of bats was also found. The Critter Control team came on time to completely caulk the entire perimeter of the house and create an exit strategy for the squirrels and bats.

Because bat droppings can cause histoplasmosis, this also required total removal and replacement of our attic insulation and sanitizing the space. Not a small job in a 1,300 sq. ft. attic! While Critter Control’s cost was high, our homeowners insurance covered most of it. Everyone representing Critter Control was professional, courteous and timely. I would highly recommend them to anyone who thinks they might have unwelcome guests living in their attic
Vincent S.
On recommendations from a nearby pest control company, I called Critter Control for suspicious bat droppings.

Madison came out the same day to do an inspection. She was knowledgeable, thorough, and highly professional. She examined the ‘matter’ that had been scattered on my threshold and thought it was foliage. But she then asked to go up to my attic space where the bats could be roosting. She had to walk up 3 flights of stairs with a heavy ladder. She again spent some time searching all the nooks and crannies and found nothing.

She seemed so interested in her craft, it was truly inspiring to see! She reassured me and is writing up a prevention strategy for my appraisal. She charged me NOTHING!! I am so impressed. We need more Madisons in this world!

Service: Bat Removal in San Diego
Sonia-Maria R.
We noticed droppings on our brand new deck - we were given their number from our contractor. They came the next day. Brian looked at it and said - yeah, bats!! He then checked every area in our attic and he explained exactly what needed to be done.

He found evidence of a mice infestation, provided a referral and they are helping us as well. Great service, very informative, very professional! We are very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone who has any issues with any critters!


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