Identifying Lizard Tracks

Lizard tracks are usually identified more easily from tail drags than from footprints. If property owners notice relatively straight and thin lines with alternating blurry footprints on either side, they are typically dealing with a lizard infestation.

However, the pests are so light that they barely leave tracks in sod or dirt. People are most likely to find lizard tracks in sand. Since they need to regulate their own body temperatures, lizards will bury themselves in sand to cool down. They can also be found basking in the sun on logs, in the open rows between garden spreads, and on sidewalks or concrete slabs.

Controlling Lizards

Occasionally, lizards enter homes through cracks and crevices as small as a quarter-inch, especially through the gaps beneath doors. Once inside, they are hard to capture and can spread Salmonella. Prevention and exclusion are easier than removal. Therefore, once lizard tracks are spotted on the property, homeowners should call Critter Control for their expert knowledge about lizard exclusion tactics and, if necessary, removal.

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