Blackbird Appearance

There is more to the appearance of a blackbird than the color black. In full sunlight, the male’s glossy combination of black, dark blue, and shimmery green feathers is revealed, whereas females appear to be brown. These birds are approximately eight to ten inches long, with a fairly long tail that is balanced with a full body, round head, and long, thick beak. Red-winged blackbirds are easily identified by the red and yellow patch on the shoulder area of the male’s wings. Females are a mottled brown and white, with white being the predominant color on their undersides. Red-winged blackbirds are about eight and a half inches long.


Common in the west, the prolific blackbird has expanded its territory eastward to the Great Lakes region. They can thrive in many different environments, including fields, farms, prairies, wooded areas, mountain meadows, and more. They have also adapted to living in urban centers populated by people. Red-winged blackbirds are among the most prevalent birds in the country, found coast- to -coast.

Potential Problems

These pests sometimes roost in large numbers near homes and buildings, creating significant droppings and noise. High concentrations of waste lead to odor and health concerns. The acidity of blackbird feces can even damage buildings. These infestations also create competition for food with other bird species, sometimes driving diversity away from an area. To identify and keep blackbirds in check, property owners should call a professional removal service like Critter Control for expert wildlife management.

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