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Signs of a Bird Stuck in a Vent 

  • Scratching sounds as the bird attempts to escape  

  • Chirping if the bird is young 

  • Strong odor from dead and decomposing bird 

If a bird is stuck in a vent, it will be heard clearly. This differs from sounds you might hear in pipes, which are muffled. 

Prevention & Removal 

Removing a bird from a vent is difficult and requires wildlife removal specialists. Vents are difficult to access, and removal requires professional tools and techniques. Contact the Critter Control in your area to safely remove birds and bird nests from your vents. Failure to address the issue immediately can increase the risk of fire.  

How do birds get trapped in vents? 

Vents are attractive locations for birds to build nests. Vents are off the ground, away from predators, and enclosed for protection from the elements.  

But vents do come with their own set of dangers for young birds, which sometimes fall into the vent exhaust pipe, where they’re unable to escape. Even adult birds with full flying capabilities fall into the same trap. 

Birds are attracted to the warmth of the vents, which is why they are commonly found in dryer vents and kitchen exhaust vents. The heat of these vents are a fire hazard when birds decide to nest in these locations. These locations also are dangerous because humidity and steam can spread disease, including histoplasmosis, which is found in bird droppings. 

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