Do Bird Repellents or Deterrents Work?

Bird Netting

Pest birds spread diseases, damage buildings, and contribute to the loss of stored foods. Given their status as nuisances and their prevalence in residential areas, many deterrents and repellents are commercially available, though these products have been used to varying degrees of success. For instance, bird netting is a common deterrent used to exclude birds from their favorite nesting areas like the eaves of buildings. While this works to a certain extent, installation is difficult and time-consuming. Additionally, the netting becomes ineffective over time because wear creates holes that allow smaller bird species through.

Bird Spikes & Wire

Other popular deterrents include wire systems and metal spikes. Wire systems are comprised of parallel strands of wire strung between metal pegs that work as barriers. They are mostly used on window and building ledges. While they successfully make it difficult for birds to roost in such places, this method targets pigeons almost exclusively and will not guard against other pest species. Metal spikes work in a similar fashion as they are placed on ledges to make it difficult for birds to land. While easy to install, bird spikes need regular cleaning and generally don’t deter smaller species like sparrows or starlings.

Best Solution: Call a Professional

Scare tactics, such as rubber snakes and fake owls, are also available. However, while these repellent methods may initially frighten birds away, the pests become comfortable with their presence over time and will roost nearby anyway. Since most bird deterrents and repellents only work as short-term solutions, calling a professional pest control service is recommended. The specialists at Critter Control establish long-term plans to keep pest birds away from private properties.

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