What Do Badger Holes Look Like?

Badgers are equipped with powerful front legs and sharp claws perfect for digging. Their holes are over six inches in diameter and dug deep into the ground. The pests are distinct because they displace a lot of dirt when digging burrows. Homeowners who find large mounds of dirt piled around holes in their lawns may have badgers.

Why Badger Are Drawn to Lawns

Common backyard animals make up a large portion of badger diets. Small mammals, birds, and reptiles all make enticing meals. Badgers burrow in lawns specifically looking for insect larvae and grubs.

Problems & Removal

Since their extensive tunnel systems can damage lawn health, badgers are unwelcome. To reduce the possibility of finding the pests in yards, homeowners should eliminate environmental factors that drawn their favorite foods. Fences can also be helpful as long as they extend far enough above and below the soil. Badgers can be aggressive when cornered, making removal without assistance dangerous. Critter Control professionals have the training, knowledge, and experience to effectively eliminate badgers found in the lawn.

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