Crawlspaces in Portland are very attractive for nuisance wildlife especially during the spring maternity season. They offer protection from predators and are more accessible than climbing trees or into attics. 

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Replacement 

If an animal has nested in your crawlspace, the vapor barrier has been damaged. Vapor barriers are plastic liners that cover the dirt floor in a crawlsapce. Vapor barriers keep moisture out of your home and crawlspace. Other benefits of vapor benefits include discouraing mold growth, limiting water damage, prevent musty odors, and  prevent poor quality air. Not only is a vapor barrier something you should want, but it also is required residential buildings in the state of Oregon

Once the animal has been removed from the crawlspace, you need to replace the vapor barrier. Animals like opossums, skunks, and raccoons can tear up a vapor barrier. Norway rats will try to burrow under it. Any wildlife in your crawlspace will defecate and urinate under your house. 

A raccoon living under this house disrupted the vapor barrier. The raccoon moved the vapor barrier away from the wall and columns. We found evidence of raccoon tracks along the duct near the ripped vapor barrier. We found a large pile of raccoon droppings in a corner of the crawlspace. Raccoons establish dedicated latrine spots where they will poop. 


We used a raccoon cage trap to get rid of the raccoon. We found the entry hole aroudn the crawlspace vent and repaired it. We installed an exclusion over the vent to keep future raccoons out. We replaced the entire vapor barrier. 

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