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Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. We first identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Nuisance Wildlife in Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland moderate temperatures mean that attics are often comfortable for squirrels, rats, and more all year round. Maternity season is spring to fall for most mammals in the area, leaving homeowners dealing with wildlife removal all summer long. Don’t try to get rid of wildlife on your own when Critter Control is ready to help in the Baltimore area.

Raccoon Removal

Many Baltimore homes are on wooded properties or located near water sources, two factors that can attract raccoons. The summers often cause them to nest in or under homes while raising their young.

While these pests don't hibernate, they do enter a state of inactivity to rest through Maryland's winter months. During cold periods, they avoid danger by sleeping in their dens. This can be a problem for homeowners if a raccoon chooses to overwinter in the garage or attic.

Inspection: Finding every raccoon is key to solving the problem once and for all. Thorough inspections include every part of the home, from the attic to the crawlspace and foundation.

Removal: Humane trapping is key for raccoons. Their hand-like paws easily open small and weak traps, making professional traps the best approach to getting rid of raccoons the right way.

Repair: With repairs followed by prevention and exclusion, you won’t need raccoon removal again in the future. Deal with messes left by raccoons along with any damage done by their gnawing and digging.

Squirrel Removal

Small but full of damage potential, squirrels are tricky to remove and keep out for good. We have the experience to handle both squirrel removal and exclusion, whether squirrels are coming in during the Baltimore summer or winter.

Inspection: Squirrels are most commonly found in the attic, but older homes in Baltimore could have them in wall cavities as well.

Removal: These agile rodents can make dozens of entrances and exits into a structure. A complete trapping approach requires closing up all those openings and adding traps to ensure total squirrel removal.

Repair: With a large colony of squirrels, extensive damage is often left behind after getting rid of the wildlife. After squirrel removal, our teams can address gnawed PVC pipes and wiring, soiled insulation, and more.

Norway Rats and Mice Pest Control

Any home can attract the smallest rodents like mice. Rat removal is a challenge due to their propensity to spread into parts of the home that are hard to access.

A key problem with rats is their nocturnal feeding schedule. Baltimore homeowners may not be aware of rats living right under their noses. In fact, seeing these rodents during the day is a sign of a severe rat infestation. While indoors, the pests can contaminate food and spread diseases, including the plague.

Inspection: With mice and rats coming into the home through openings as small as a nickel, finding signs of them can be hard. We’ll look for damage caused by the rodents inside the home, such as droppings or gnawing.

Removal: Getting rid of mice and rats for good requires more than just trapping or treatment. It’s also important to focus on exclusion methods like metal mesh and soffit repairs to stop rodents from returning.

Repair: Due to the health risks of their droppings and nests, repairs must start with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Then any gnawed materials must be replaced as well.

Wildlife removal is essential to control disease risks. Letting rats, skunks, squirrels, and more live in the home will only put the residents at risk for many serious illnesses. That’s not to mention the chances for structural damage as well.

Bat Removal

In Maryland, bats can only be handled and removed by licensed professionals. This is for the bats’ safety and to prevent the risk of rabies. Our bat removal services can be offered as an emergency service so you can get back to using your home.

Inspection: A few bats can hide almost anywhere in the home, making inspection a demanding process. Bat removal for a larger flock may be easy to begin, but it’ll require plenty of effort to ensure they’re all gone.

Removal: Bats are sensitive and easily damaged by rough handling. Using a one-way valve exit allows the bats to leave but keeps them from returning.

Repair: After you get rid of bats, don’t let them return. We’ll find and close up even the tiniest openings so that small bat species can’t sneak in. With bats living up to 30 years, they can try to return for decades if you don’t properly exclude them.

Opossum Control

Opossums are common in wooded parts of Baltimore, where they have plenty of places to hide as they find shelter in the home. They’re commonly encountered outdoors or under porches, but they can also find their way indoors.

Inspection: Figuring out where the opossum is hiding is the first challenge. Opossum removal only moves on once we’ve identified how many animals we’re working with.

Removal: Since opossums are nearly as large as raccoons, they need careful handling during removal. Opossum removal should be handled by professionals and not homeowners.

Repair: Repairs are just part of the final step of dealing with opossum damage. Follow up with exclusion to ensure there’s no need for further wildlife removal in Baltimore.

Skunk Control

Skunks can be found even in the urban areas of Baltimore. With females going into heat between February and March, multiple skunks can be drawn to one area. Without prompt wildlife removal, these critters can become a threat to pets and humans alike.

Inspection: Don’t wait until there’s a distinct odor to inspect for skunks. Wildlife removal may be needed anytime you hear scratching or see signs of animals digging near your home.

Removal: Trying to handle a skunk removal yourself only puts you at risk for bites and offensive sprays. Let us take on the task with our special solid-sided traps designed to prevent accidental exposure to the scent.

Repair: Skunks can return if there are multiple animals in the area. Our repair and exclusion services ensure wildlife can’t just come in again.

Why Chose Critter Control

  • We’re dedicated to resolving your specific wildlife concerns. Let our experienced staff create a permanent solution to keep animals from returning.
  • Our dedication to satisfaction means we create a custom plan of action for each customer. Our efforts will be based on the wildlife we find during the inspection and your concerns about damage.
  • Each wildlife removal problem comes with a different cost. Schedule an inspection to get started on determining the cost and to find out more about financing options.

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