Threat of Disease

In cities like Savannah, GA, rats can cause huge issues. In this area of the country, Norway and roof rats are most common. Once inside, rats contaminate food and water, which can lead to the spread of serious diseases. Some of the most common illnesses include rat-bite fever, Hantavirus, and leptospirosis. People can also contract these diseases through bites or by breathing in the dust of contaminated feces.

Other Problems Caused by Rats in Savannah

In addition to serious health risks, rats can also cause costly property damage. These pests are known to gnaw through materials such as insulation and electrical wires. Additionally, rats can make their way into homes by chewing on eaves and widening cracks in foundations or walls. They rapidly multiply, so populations can easily get out of control. Due to the various health hazards caused by infestations, it is best to call the professionals at Critter Control for the safe, effective trapping of rats.