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Sarasota Wildlife Problems

The warm and humid climate of Sarasota, FL, attracts many visitors, including unwanted wildlife. Evening bats and free-tailed bats are both nuisances in the area as they roost in homes and cause damage with their droppings. Woodpeckers also destroy local buildings, specifically exteriors, with their constant pecking. Other mammals, like raccoons and opossums, wander into yards in search of food. Since they can carry rabies, these pests are dangerous to be around. In addition, exotic introduced species, such as green iguanas and Burmese pythons, invade properties and may attack Sarasota residents and pets if threatened.

Bat Removal in Sarasota

Big and little brown bats in Sarasota are common thanks to the warm, welcoming climate. Indoors, these pests increase the risk of rabies transmission and leave droppings that encourage harmful mold to grow. Successful bat removal in Sarasota homes requires expert knowledge of the pests' habits. When bats cause problems, Critter Control can help.

Raccoon Removal in Sarasota

People often spot raccoons in Sarasota yards. Their presence is unmistakable, as the pests knock over garbage bins and tear away siding to enter houses during the rainy season. These animals are also the primary rabies carrier in Florida, so ignoring an infestation is unsafe. The best way to handle raccoon removal in Sarasota is to call the wildlife experts at Critter Control.

Squirrel Removal in Sarasota

Controlling squirrels in Sarasota poses a unique challenge. The pests gather on lawns, strip bark from trees, and steal fruit from local gardens. Since they can climb fences and aren't swayed by scare devices, exclusion requires experience and creativity. To keep infestations at bay, seek out Critter Control's help with squirrel removal in Sarasota.


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