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Common Wildlife Problems in Greeley, CO

Greely Colorado's location at the base of the Rocky Mountains makes it the perfect place for large predators and small nuisance pests alike. Even though winters remain fairly mild in this arid climate, cool weather still drives wildlife into yards and homes.

Home-Invading Pests

Of the 18 types of Colorado bats, there are four species local to Greeley. Both little and big brown bats, two of the most common, hibernate for the winter in attics and sheds. Not only does this put home occupants at risk for rabies, it guarantees a buildup of bat feces.

Snakes are also present throughout the area. Though they're mostly an outdoor threat, venomous rattlesnakes sometimes sneak into basements for the cool, damp air. Unsuspecting residents may disturb a resting snake and receive a painful bite.

Raccoons Indoors

To a raccoon seeking shelter from the elements, Greeley's neighborhoods are appealing. The pests often burrow under porches or try to break into homes, damaging roofing, siding, or vents to gain entry. Infestations are also a health concern for residents, as a raccoon can carry dangerous parasites and viruses.

Colorado Squirrel Damage

Fox squirrels in Greeley frequently pick yards as their nesting sites and dig up lawns to stockpile food. Alternately, the pests may choose to den in attics. Once inside, fox squirrels build messy nests from leaves or insulation and leave behind stains from their waste.

Greeley's Predators

Coyotes live in Colorado's mountainous regions. These animals try to avoid humans. However, as the pests lose their natural habitat to land development, Greeley residents are more likely to find coyotes around backyard trash cans and pet food.

Dogs and cats are at greatest risk for an attack when a coyote moves into the neighborhood.

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