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Wildlife Control & Removal

Problems with Wildlife in Boulder, CO

Colorado Squirrels

Squirrels are common in Boulder. They will enter yards in search of food, especially if homeowners provide birdseed. The pests are also agile climbers that access roofs and make their way indoors. If a squirrel gets inside, never handle the animal. These pests can transmit diseases through their bites or harbor infected ticks and fleas.

Urban Raccoons

Raccoons are a fixture in most large cities, and Boulder is no exception. This well-adapted species prefers to live close to people. Here, they have a virtually endless supply of food in trash cans, outdoor pet dishes, and gardens. A raccoon may also den under decks or in attics and chimneys.

Bat Roosts

Bats thrive in Colorado, where the mountains offer plenty of roosting spots. The animals naturally control insects, which makes them useful neighbors. However, they sometimes get into homes. Once inside, a bat is hard to remove. Excluding the pests at the wrong time of year may strand pups indoors and lead to further problems.

Rodents in Buildings

Hot summers and cold winters in Boulder, CO, force animals to find better shelter and food sources. Certain pests, like mice and rats, find refuge in houses. When rodents make their way indoors, it causes costly damage for homeowners.

Rats and mice raid pantries at night, making it hard to catch these pests in the act. Droppings and greasy rub marks on surfaces are common signs of rodents. In addition to making messes, mice and rats may spread disease through their waste or create damage with their constant gnawing.

Skunks in the Yard

Like rodents, skunks in Boulder may seek shelter in residential areas. These pests den under porches, sheds, and homes, leaving behind a musky smell. They also dig small holes in lawns to search for insects and grubs.

Although these animals are not hostile by nature, approaching a skunk can have unpleasant consequences. The pests will spray anything they consider a threat with a foul-smelling liquid. Skunks are also Colorado's primary carrier of rabies, a disease spread to humans and pets through bites.

Pigeon Problems

Businesses in Boulder have called Critter Control of Boulder for pigeon control due to the mess these birds create, and the annoyance they cause to customers.

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Wildlife Damage Repair

Wildlife damages inside the home will create bigger problems for you and your family long-term. Wildlife damages that may seem 'simple' can result in severe water damage, electrical fires, and more. Critter Control of Boulder will repair wildlife damages using professional tools and materials. Call Critter Control of Boulder to solve your wildlife damage problems today!

Wildlife damages occur upon wildlife entry alone, and only accumulate the longer the wildlife animal is in the home. Calling Critter Control of Boulder will repair wildlife damages in your home quickly and professionally!

Animal Prevention

Offering prevention services to back up the repair work, Critter Control of Boulder is your full-service wildlife control company. Your technician will implement species-specific prevention methods to keep your problem animal from returning.

Prevention Methods
Each wildlife animal will require their own prevention approach. Critter Control of Boulder will create a prevention plan to efficiently keep your wildlife problem out of your home and away from your property.

Habitat Modification
Habitat modifications are used to keep wildlife from finding accessible food, water, and/or shelter supply near your home. These are a few reasons wildlife animals get attracted to your home! Your technician will start by removing food and water supplies, including birdbaths, bird feeders, and pet dishes. Shelter is something else animals seek after, especially during baby season.

Exclusion techniques will keep a barrier between your problem wildlife animal and the inside of your home. Exclusion techniques may include:

  • Vent Screens
  • Chimney Caps
  • Soffit Vent Guards
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