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Bats are the most misunderstood important animal in Georgia. In Georgia, bats play a vital ecological and economic role. Bats provide natural pest control such as mosquitoes, moths, and beetles. Recognizing their importance, bat extermination is illegal.

When bats reside in homes and buildings, it can become problematic. The accumulation of bat guano from a colony of bats creates a strong odor, weakens the building’s structures, and introduces health risks to people and pets.

What Time of Year is Bats a Problem?

Bats are a problem in Marietta when they roost in your attic during the spring and summer. During the summer, female bats establish maternity colonies to give birth to baby bats.

The best time of year to implement bat removal is in the late spring before summer and early autumn before it gets cold.

Bat exclusions should be avoided between April 1st and July 31st in Georgia. During this time of year, bat pups are too young to fly and may become trapped and die inside structures. If exclusions must be completed during this maternity period they must be completed by a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator.

How Critter Control Gets Rid of Bats

Critter Control specializes in humane bat removal and prevention. It is illegal to kill or trap bats. To avoid breaking any laws or regulations, call a professional for help when dealing with a bat problem.

Our inspector will perform a full interior and exterior inspection. Due to the dangers of exposure to guano, a respirator needs to be worn when in an attic containing bats. After inspecting, he/she will construct a custom plan for your home to safely remove the bats and properly seal your home. Our inspector will also provide warranty options as well as educate you on our recurring programs.

If a bat is in your living space at the time of the inspection, the top priority to keep you as well as the bat safe. Bats should never be handled with bare hands. Our wildlife specialist will use gloves specifically designed to handle animals and ensure the bat is safely released outdoors.

Critter Control Bat Removal Process

The most effective and humane way to remove bats is by utilizing a one-way door in conjunction with a full home bat exclusion. A bat valve allows for bats to exit your home but not re-enter.

Since each bat removal is unique, our wildlife control specialist will use or create a bat valve specifically for your home.

We identify all current and potential access points. The eaves of the roof are some of the most common bat entry points. Other potential entry points are gable vents and soffits. Our inspector will determine the proper amount of bat valves to be used, but most bat jobs only require one bat valve.

Once the bat valve is installed, all other bat entry points will be sealed. The bats evict themselves harmlessly. The eviction process typically takes 3-7 days. Our specialist will perform a final attic inspection before removing the valve. After removing the valve, the final entry point will be sealed, leaving your home bat-free.

Bat Exclusion and Habitat Modification

Some bats return to the same roost year after year.  If you want to prevent bats from entering your home, preventative bat exclusion is the best precaution you can take. Because bats are not chewers like rodents, they only use existing entry points to make their way into your home.

TIP: Test if the gap is a current bat entry point by placing a piece of cardboard over it. If the cardboard has been moved, it is a clear sign of a bat.

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