Damage & Problems

Groundhogs, or woodchucks, usually live in open pastures, fields, and orchards but can also be found under homes, decks, and even sheds. Their burrows tend to be both extensive and destructive. The pests build their subterranean homes with at least two entrances and use these tunnel systems to travel underground. Groundhog burrows can cause structural damage to footings, foundations, and other concrete structures by undermining their stability.

Control & Removal

Certain exclusion methods, such as fencing around decks, porches, and sheds, can be effective at reducing woodchuck presence in yards. However, most forms of prevention are costly and time-consuming to utilize correctly. Contacting the trained wildlife professionals at Critter Control to remove groundhogs under sheds, houses, or decks is always the best course of action. Critter Control specialists have the training and tools to safely and humanely remove groundhogs before extensive damage can occur.

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