Raven Appearance

Ravens are large birds that are all black, including their beaks, legs, and eyes. They are approximately two feet long with a four-foot wingspan and weigh about two and a half pounds. While often mistaken for crows or grackles, they are significantly larger than those species. For further visual identification, the tail feathers of a raven look like a wedge shape in flight, while a crow’s are fan-shaped. Ravens have a reputation for being intelligent and cunning, able to engage in rudimentary problem-solving and outwit foes both animal and human.

Habitat & Diet

These birds are found in many different environments throughout the western and northern parts of North America. This includes forests, mountains, open fields, deserts, grasslands, and coastal regions. They don’t mind living around people and are common in rural areas and even some cities. As scavengers, ravens eat small animals, sometimes hunting in teams to bring down especially troublesome prey. They also dine on carrion, plants, and garbage.

Problems Caused by Ravens

Raven feeding habits can endanger certain wildlife and cause trouble for people as well. Their pecking can damage homes and the insulation on power lines, leading to outages. Their attraction to garbage also creates messes in yards and attracts rodents. There have even been sporadic reports of ravens attacking automobiles, especially targeting windshield wipers and rubber gaskets around windows, perhaps in response to their own reflections in the glass according to one theory. To identify and limit raven populations around the property, contact the wildlife specialists at Critter Control.

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