What Sounds Do Nutria Make?

Nutria are social animals that can often be heard calling to each other in mooing or pig-like grunts. Their vocalizations are generally used to indicate feeding times or as a way to attract mates. Hunters sometimes replicate this noise as a way to bring the wary rodents out of hiding.

Are Noises a Good Way to Identify Nutria?

Because nutria sound like wild hogs and other pests, listening for their calls may not be the most effective way to pinpoint an infestation. However, there are several other ways to know if nutria are living somewhere nearby:

Look for Droppings The feces of these pests are dark in color and about two inches long. They can be distinguished from beaver or muskrat waste by the grooves that run in parallel lines along the length of each dropping.

Check for Burrowing Burrows dug by nutria are typically found in the banks of rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water. These can cause serious flooding problems for nearby residents when soil erosion collapses roadbeds, stream banks, or dams.

Inspect Plant Damage Nutria are known for eating the bark from ornamental shrubs and orchard or landscape trees, as well as feeding on garden vegetables and grass. Large areas of lawns that have been grazed down to the ground are often a sign that these pests are present.

Removing Problem Nutria

Knowing what nutria sound like and what damage they cause is the first step to diagnosing an infestation. However, once the culprit has been identified, the hard work of trying to exclude these persistent pests begins.

Homeowners can protect trees, gardens, and ponds with special barriers. However, as the pests are excellent burrowers, these must extend at least 12 inches below ground. People who hear nutria sounds or notice signs of their presence can contact Critter Control for effective pest management.

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