Iguana Behavior in Yards

Iguanas are herbivores that wreak havoc on vegetable gardens and decorative plants. Additionally, burrows created by iguanas in backyards can tear up well-manicured lawns, creating eyesores and safety hazards. Since they face few natural predators or competitors in the wild, populations have expanded in recent years. This can be a problem for homeowners, as the pests are difficult to exclude from lawns due to their superior climbing and digging abilities.

Health Risks

When iguanas in backyards are caught eating flowers, shrubs, and other plants, homeowners will sometimes pick them up by hand for relocation. This is not recommended, as iguanas are carriers of Salmonella. This infectious bacteria can be passed to humans by any contact with the animals or their droppings. Among the more severe symptoms of this illness are vomiting, fever, and debilitating diarrhea. After contact with iguanas or their fecal matter, homeowners should wash their hands thoroughly.

Lawn Damage

Additional issues are created by iguanas in yards when the pests sunbathe atop patios, sidewalks, and seawalls. Not only do they create the need for messy and dangerous clean up, but the pests frequently get in the way of passing pedestrians. When an iguana in the backyard feels threatened by people, it may bite, scratch, or deliver powerful slashes with its muscular tail. Burrows dug along seawalls or against sidewalks and foundations can also cause structures to collapse, potentially endangering residents.

Solving the Problem

Some homeowners choose to coexist with iguanas in the backyard, but for many this simply isn’t an option. These territorial creatures are unlikely to simply leave on their own, so it may be necessary to install cages or fences around valuable crops and remove shelter like piles of rocks and firewood. Make sure any fencing is slanted outwards and buried at least a foot underground to keep iguanas from simply digging underneath. The best way to control iguanas in the backyard is to call the wildlife control experts at Critter Control, as they have the experience and equipment to get the job done safely.

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