Typical Duck Appearance

Ducks are a type of waterfowl found throughout the United States. These birds typically have short necks and stout bodies. Male ducks, called drakes, are usually identified by their brightly colored feathers, which they use to attract mates. Hens, or females, tend to be duller in appearance, which camouflages them from potential predators. Ducks have webbed feet and waterproof feathers designed to help them swim. A typical duck bill is broad and flat, though color varies depending on species.

image of ducksWhere do Ducks Live?

Found in marshes, ponds, rivers, and wetlands, ducks thrive near water. They may enter yards, especially those near creeks, streams, and other waterways, in search of food. Large flocks of these pests can contaminate lawns, patios, and even swimming pools with their droppings. Though they belong to the same family, ducks are much smaller than geese and swans. Ducks can also look like loons, grebes, and coots in some cases.

Identification, Control & Removal

Many species of ducks are protected under federal law. To remove problem ducks from the property, contacting the wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control is the safest bet. Each wildlife technician is trained and has the proper equipment to safely and humanely identify and remove ducks once they become a nuisance.

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