How Do You Know if a Bird is a Crow?

Crows are large birds with long legs and heavy, straight bills. These birds are entirely black in color, including their legs and feet. They have distinct feathers on their upper backs with an opalescent quality, which is especially apparent in the sunlight. Additionally, these pests grow between 17 and 20 inches long and have fan-shaped tails that are visible while in flight.

Crow Identification

As crows are very social creatures, large groups will roost together during winter months. Though the birds like to perch on tall trees in wooded areas, it is extremely common for them to nest on rooftops in cities and suburbs, as homes provide ample food, water, and shelter.

Homeowners may mistake crows for ravens, as they are also large and black. However, crows have a unique “caw caw” call, which differs greatly from the raven’s standard gurgling croak. Additionally, ravens’ tails are not wedge-shaped.

Problems and Removal

There are many problems that can arise from crows roosting on roofs. From spreading droppings containing histoplasmosis on sidewalks, cars, and buildings, to causing structural damage to houses, these birds are capable of wreaking havoc for homeowners. In addition, their distinct and constant calls can be quite bothersome. Though there are some strategies to help rid residential areas of the pests, it’s best to let the trained wildlife removal specialists at Critter Control safely identify and manage crow infestations.

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