Raccoon Removal & Exclusion for Businesses

If you’re hearing chittering, purring, or rustling in or around your building, you could have a raccoon problem.
Raccoons thrive in commercial properties due to an abundance of man-made shelters and food sources. They are common invaders of commercial buildings, which they use as den sites.
We often take raccoon-related calls from:

  • Building inspectors
  • Property management firms
  • Building owners
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance adjustors
  • Building engineers
  • Building superintendents
We’re Here to Help!
We use humane removal techniques that are environmentally responsible, ecologically safe, and in accordance with animal protection laws. Our raccoon control services include:*
  • Raccoon removal
  • Raccoon entry prevention
  • Raccoon damage repair, including attic and insulation restoration and repair, and chimney caps and repairs
*Services offered vary by location. 
What to Know About Raccoons 
  • Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so you most often see and hear them at night.
  • Raccoons have nimble hands and can open latches and garbage cans, climb, swim, and run faster than 10 miles per hour.
  • Raccoon feces can contain thousands of roundworm eggs that are potentially harmful or even fatal to both humans and pets if accidentally ingested. Raccoons are also hosts to ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, and lice.
  • Raccoons can transmit rabies and may behave erratically if infected. They may also try to bite anyone who gets too close.

Eliminate Raccoons from Your Business – Now
Raccoons can be a nuisance. They gain entry through roof vents, soffits, and other openings that lead to attractive denning sites. They particularly like attics, chimneys, and the open spaces beneath porches, sheds, and buildings. They can tear off shingles and roof vents, and chew holes in fascia boards, which can cause roofs to leak.
Our raccoon control specialists are familiar with their behaviors and equipped with the training and tools to safely remove them from your commercial property.
Check out our office finder for a commercial animal control office near you.


Raymond was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He paid attention to detail. Good Job!! Thankyou!!
I am so glad I had Critter Control come and inspect my house! The problem was located and fixed immediately and since then I have not had any more problems with bats. Money well spent!!!
I connected Critter Control Orlando and was surprised, though elated that an actual person quickly answered. She was pleasant and efficiently scheduled a visit to my house to solve my varmit problem. The appointment was the next day. As arranged, I got a call from Ryan the next morning to tell me his eta. He arrived right on time and after explaining the procedure, got right to work. After a survey of our attic, he told us the problem and gave us a price to fix it. He explained exactly what would be done and an approximate number of visits it would take. I found Ryan to be easy to communicate with and an excellent customer relations person. I will be recommending Critter Control to my friends and neighbors.
We had a raccoon in the attic and this team of professional workers caught him after days of detective work. It was a pleasure working with them and having them at my house. I especially want to thank John and Kenzie!
After months of fighting moles in our yard ourselves and with the help of a landscaper, with no success, Critter Control caught a mole within a week. Very reasonably priced and very thorough. They’re the experts! We should have called them a lot sooner.
Justin was very professional and he and his team did the work quickly and thoroughly. This is a nice company to work with.
I have had Critter Control for years and they are excellent. Recently I had a new roof which made many things need to be resealed. They worked with me since my insurance would not cover it.
Ricky was fantastic and he made sure the critters were gone which we so appreciated.
After having a corner of our home’s foundation dug up by a family of groundhogs, I called Critter Control and met with Bryan. We tried traps but those darned groundhogs were too smart (they even passed up marshmallows—who does that?!). Bryan suggested fencing the area to keep them out, and it was expertly installed today by Dave. Looks neat, very secure and (hopefully) impenetrable! Bryan was always responsive to my calls and I’m a very satisfied customer; I highly recommend Critter Control!
Tom was really helpful and helped me out first thing in the morning to do the inspection and quote.
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